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Most Profitable Companies in Kenya 2022

The most profitable firms will often attract investors and a highly-skilled workforce. When pursuing a company to invest in or to work for, one will most definitely look into the company’s profitability and financial performance. Which are the most fortunate companies in Kenya? This article looks into businesses that are reaping remarkable earnings and doing so steadily.

1. Safaricom

Safaricom is Kenya’s largest telecommunication company that was founded in mid-1993. Since then, the firmhas expanded to serve more than 39 million clients across the region. Its products include Africa’s greatest mobile money service, Mpesa, in Congo, Ghana, Egypt, Lesotho, Mozambique, Kenya, & Tanzania. Other products include the positively profitable Fuliza overdraft service and Mshwari presenting loan and savings products. The company has an approximately net worth of sh 11 trillion.

2. East Africa Breweries Ltd

EABL is East Africa’s ruling alcoholic beverage manufacturer and has evolved to be one of the most prosperous countries in the country. The company began out as Kenya Breweries Limited in 1932 before a coalition with Tanganyika Breweries Ltd in 1936, directed to it being EABL. The company serves in Tanzania, Kenya, South Sudan, & Uganda. It is currently valued at approximately Ksh 173 billion.

3. Equity Group Holdings

Equity Bank is a leading economic institution operating in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, & South Sudan. The bank was prescribed the best bank in 2020, and this is attributed to several elements such as efficiency for customers and the provision of several derivatives. As of 2022, the bank had an asset portfolio worth around Ksh 774.4 billion.

4. KenGen

Kenya Electricity Generating Company is Kenya’s ruling power producing company transferring approximately 70% of all power used in the nation. The company has six procedure areas around Kenya. As of 2021, KenGen registered revenue worth Ksh 45.9 billion attributed to diversification in Ethiopia, geothermal power, & hydrogeneration.

5. Bamburi Cement

Bamburi Cement industries are the country’s top cement manufacturer and supplier. The factory is founded in Mombasa, but the head offices are in Nairobi. The company makes various types of cement and cement products that are sold locally & internationally. The company has an approximately net worth of Ksh 42.8 billion.

6. Bidco Africa

Bidco Africa is the top Fast Moving Consumer Goods producer, supplier, and marketer in 17 nations across East Africa, Central Africa, and Southern Africa. The company has over the past years expanded its portfolio to contain forty brands producing palatable oils, fats, personal care products, detergents, laundry bars, & margarine.

7. Kenya Commercial Bank

This commercial bank has proven its stability and steady growth since its founding in 1896. The bank operates more than 16 million in several countries in Africa, including Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, & South Sudan. Most of these are attributed to victorious acquisitions. In Q3 of 2021, Kenya Commercial Bank registered a Ksh 25 billion profit after tax making it among Kenya’s most profitable.



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