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Mukuria Ngamau Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, And Career Journey

Real name Mukuria Ngamau
Age 50s
Place of birth Kenya
Marital status  Married
Net worth Unknown

Iniquity is at the forefront of why Kenya is a third-world country with an ever-hard economy. It has been the norm for many corruption cases for individuals to stroll scot-free because of the dizzying amounts of funds they have to offer. Individuals with minor crimes often get levied with heavy fines and crazy sentences.

However, the justice system has smoothed the ground and charged one man with a hefty fine for corruption. This article will examine the life & work of one Mukuria Ngamau, whose life has taken a sudden turn after being sentenced to corruption crimes.

Mukuria Ngamau Age and Birthplace

Mukuria Ngamau was born in Kenya to very modest parents. His precise date of birth is not known yet, but he is in his early 50s.

Mukuria Ngamau Early Life, Education, and Career 

Like many of his counterparts, Mukuria Ngamau got a decent education in the village, and he excelled well before moving to high school. There he also excelled and found that he had a knack for businesses. His degree from university was aligned with his appeals, and he slowly started expiring the world of business and understanding the ropes of his things work. Ngamau became a guru in the industry world, and he ran businesses, precisely that of his interaction with his wife, Doreen.

However, in the course of his work, he began engaging in unscrupulous business deals, where his corruption streak began. The critically acclaimed businessman has made the headlines for the heavy fine a staunch anti-corruption court judge hit with him. He defrauded the youth fund and transmitted most of the money into his accounts and that of his close family associates, including his mother and wife. During the court case, he could not confirm the money, which landed him in trouble.

After putting his dealings under a microscope, the judge provided a ruling for him to pay a colossal sum of Kshs 720 million or do 27 years in prison. However, his wife got acquitted as she got into a plea bargain with the country.

Mukuria Ngamau Personal Life

Mukuria Ngamau is married to Doreen Waithera. Not much else is understood about their personal life as they have kept their affairs intact until the time of this corruption dishonor.

Mukuria Ngamau Net Worth and Assets

Seeing as they were gripped in corruption deals, Mukuria seemed to be a man of great height and wealth. His net worth, though, is still under scrutiny.



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