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Okash Loan App Download 2022

The Okash Loan App complements the many Instant mobile loan applications in Kenya today. The app was designed by Opera software to tap into the growing money lending business.

The application began with a target of providing loans to at least 100,000 Kenyans for a beginning. Currently, Okash is one of Kenya’s most popular mobile loan apps.
At the moment, the application is only open in the Android version. However, plans are also underway to make the app available to iOS and USSD. In addition, the latest rendition of this app has a face distinction feature to improve information protection.
This article will show you the processes to be followed when you want to make a prosperous loan application on Okash Loan App.

How to register Okash loan app

Registering on the Okash loan app needs you first to download the application and then construct an account. You should remark that only those between 20 and 55 years of age are eligible for the loan.
Below is the process for downloading the app.
Proceed to google play store. for the Okash loan app download
Sort “Okash” in the search box
Once the app shows up, click the ‘Install’ button.

After installing the app, you will be needed to create your account to access services on the app. Below is the process for creating a user account.
Open the app on your mobile device.
Click the sign-up button.
Fill in your attributes (This includes your name, Mpesa number, lawful referee name and working mobile number, your employment and marital situation, as well as Date and year of birth)
Confirm your phone digits
Account is active
Once your account is active and runnig, the app analyses your particulars to determine your loan limitation. Your previous borrowing history will decide your credit score.
The loans provided by Okash have a max of Ksh 500,000 and are given out within a short duration after application. These loans attract a 5% interest and take a max of 14 days to be repaid.
Here is a step-by-step process when applying for a loan from Okash Loan App.

Applying for a loan from Okash

Unlock the Okash app on your device.
Log in to your account.
Check the Loan limit showed
Choose the amount you like to borrow (This should be less or similar to your loan limit)
Choose the period of the loan. (This should not be more than the highest, which is 14 days)
They will transmit the loan to the Mpesa number you recorded with. You are needed to repay the loan on time to avoid a harmful credit report by the CRB. Also, regular borrowing and compensating increase your loan limit, which means you will have entry to more massive amounts when borrowing from the app.
The loans are compensated directly from your Mpesa account. Follow the procedure down when repaying the loan.

Repaying a loan from Okash

Visit the Okash app on your device.
Log in to your personal account.
Select “Make a repayment” (The app will automatically divert you to the Mpesa menu.)
Fill in the necessary details (Including your Mpesa 4 digit pin)
Once the transaction is prosperous, you will receive a notification message from Mpesa &Okash, showing that the loan has been repaid.
Now you have the necessary processes when using the Okash loan app. This means that you can ask an instant loan from the app when ought.

Okash Contacts

As you have noted, Okash is a mobile loan app from Opera Software, so do you require Okash contacts? Just in case you have technical matters with your app, you can contact out to the Okash help team through an email to [email protected]

If the terms & conditions of Okash are not as profitable to you, you can try other applications on Google Play.
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