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10 Online Business Ideas for every Kenyans in 2022

Are you curious in running an online business while in Kenya? This era is when almost all businesses have shifted to internet marketing and advertising.

The pace has abruptly risen in the online business. Everyone is looking for a new concept to make money on the internet without too much hustle. It’s not like before when some individuals made it big online just because Google was born.

The online business has developed up now, and one can comfortably make a wealth in Kenya by doing the right work and having some reasonable ideas to start with.

Here we are offering you 12 great online business ideas for Kenya, which are massive in 2022.

List of best Online Business Ideas in Kenya in 2022

The following online business concepts are some of the best ideas I have come across after visiting other online businesses making it great. Trust me on this, everyone here can make you a small fortune if built correctly.

     1. Running an eCommerce Store.

Nobody can beat running an eCommerce store if you are examining for something profitable enough. It is effortless to run and has a high potential of gaining passive income at the exact time.

Producing it big in Kenya with simply these online business ideas is challenging. Nevertheless, if you have a good opinion, colossal capital, and details on carrying out online businesses, you will produce it big.

Niche Selection Here is important as the competition is high and you can only win if your shop stands out from the rest in some way or another. So if you want to be on top of the list of eCommerce shops by 2021, then focus on outgrowths that are in demand. We have shortlisted some amazing products, from clothes, mobile phones, technology & others that will be in market in the next three years. So make certain you invest in these niches to give yourself a good beginning.

The platform of choice The most popular podium for doing an eCommerce business is WooCommerce, as it has everything you require to start and run a shop smoothly. Of course, there are also other media such as Shopify, but WooCommerce is the most famous with more users and better support.

Benefits of an eCommerce website:

Very easy to set it up. Just select a platform, create an account, & get started. Create SEO-friendly URLs for your products, Having complete command over the website as you are accountable for everything. You care able to add or remove things whenever you want, Making sales without any additional cost of advertisement.


Very high challenger from well-established websites like Jumia & Kilimall.

    2. Blogging

Another excellent online business idea for Kenyans is blogging. Blogging has developed very big in the last rare years, and even today, most businesses prefer bloggers over customary advertising. You can fast start a blog and, in rare months, run a successful business online.

What’s so amazing about blogging? Of course, you can make money through blogging by accomplishing many things such as checking, publishing sponsored content, etc. But, on the other side, if you intend to build a famous website, the blogging platform offers you one of the most suitable ways to do so.

Here are some of the most excellent tips that will help you become more successful in your blogging expedition:

  • Use Google Keyword planner & Yahoo Search Term Tool to figure out the correct keywords for your blog.
  • Stay revamped with technology news or any other information that your audience would be curious about in
  • Write exceptional content and publish it regularly

     3. Produce content for businesses

Suppose you are a suitable writer; companies can fast get hired to produce content for them. You need to locate the company that would want your assistance and then proceeds.

You can work as a freelance writer and can work for numerous clients. Here are some of the items you should consider before evolving a freelance writer:

  • Perfect your writing ability and learn how to write unique content
  • Work hard on creating the content more engaging. You don’t want your anthology to lose interest just because it’s dull
  • Always avoid grammatical mistakes as they will be a turn off for your readers

     4. Start a YouTube video channel

This is another fantastic way to make money from online business ideas in Kenya. So if you have some compelling stories, why not produce videos about them?

Even with a few views, there are many chances to make money and gain followers. You could even operate this channel for product promotion and achieve massive profits out of it. One of the essential duties in this channel is to keep your social media presence. If you want more supporters on your YouTube channel, make sure that your supporters increase.

You could also create videos about cosmetic tutorials for women or listicles related to different topics. In extra, you can even produce videos regarding technology news and other current affairs.

     5. Create and sell apps

The Mobile App Development enterprise has gained immense popularity in the last few years. Individuals are now trying to produce their apps and earn money from them.

But a query pops up here, how do I start earning my app? The answer is fairly simple; you need to learn how to make an app then publish it on Google Play Store.

After that, you will have to sell your app by creating a website and promoting it through other marketing channels such as social media, email advertising, etc.

     6. Sell photos

Have you ever considered of making money by selling photos online? Well, take this chance and start selling your photos using one of the best online business ideas for Kenya in 2021.

There are several ways via which you can sell your photos. For example, you could post them on social media and linger till someone likes them enough to buy them from you, or if you are a pro, you could construct your website and start selling them.

An illustration of places you can sell photos online is Shutterstock or iStockPhotos.

     7. Selling on marketplaces

Jumia, Kilimall are some famous marketplaces with a lot of traffic. You can efficiently create an account on these sites & build your products to sell online. You could also do some dealing to drive more traffic and increase your earning potential.

     8. Offer online consultancy

If you are exemplary in accounting, law, or any other particular field, then you can offer your assistance online to customers who need service in that exact field. You could start a website and sell your assistance using it to earn online business ideas for Kenyans in 2021

    9. Create an affiliate website

An affiliate website does not need you to create anything as it works as a traffic exchange. You ought to drive traffic from other sources and earn commission by operating ads or pushing product sales.

For instance, if someone buys a ticket through your affiliate link on air tickets.co.ke, you will acquire paid for the sale! In addition, you can use several products listed below to boost other people’s products.

     10. Sell eBooks or digital information product

If you are exemplary at creating valuable content, this is the right business. You can publicize an eBook and sell it online on a forum like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Hard work, patience, and perseverance can help you create your Kindle eBook; there is software that can assist you to do it within minutes.

These are only a rare of the online business ideas for Kenya in 2021 that have shown tremendous success in other countries worldwide. However, they can be applied anywhere with a little bit of consideration and planning.

If you own any other online business concepts not noted above, please share them with us!



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