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Online Jobs for Students That Pay Through Mpesa in Kenya 2022

This article will examine online jobs in Kenya that pay via Mpesa. We will look at10 legitimate online job options available that you can do and get paid. Whether you are examining for a part-time or full-time online job, there is something for everyone.

It all relies on the type of job and the forum you can get paid. So I will list the job and encounter these jobs online.

Let’s get started.

List of Online Jobs for students in Kenya That Pay Through Mpesa

The following online careers can get you paid through M-Pesa.

     1. Digital Marketing

Number one of our online opportunity in Kenya that deliver through M-Pesa is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing jobs will need you to do online marketing for a company or individual.

There is no limitation to what this online job can entail; it could be anything from creating its social media pages look excellent and productive to growing its online presence by finding new customers online through various platforms like LinkedIn, online communities, online forums, & much more.

Where to get Digital Marketing Jobs & get paid through MPesa

  • Upwork You have the opportunity to choose to receive your payments via M-Pesa or online bank transfer.
  • Freelancer – You can also select to receive your payments online or via M-Pesa payment processors like Airtel Money, Ecobank Kenya, & Safaricom M-Pesa.
  • You can also begin your own company in Kenya and get Kenyan customers to pay you via M-Pesa.

     2. Blogging

Blogging is a good career where you work for yourself online and get paid. Bloggers make cash online by selling advertising & product recommendation (Affiliate Marketing) on their blogs.

Where to get MPesa Payments for your blog

  • Jumia Affiliates: You can advertise Jumia products on your blog and get paid online or via M-Pesa.
  • You can also get local customers that want to advertise on your blog.

     3. Selling Ebooks Online

I have accomplished this, sold ebooks online before, and individuals could pay me. I sold the ebooks on social media, particularly Facebook groups.

Selling ebooks online can be ideal for making money online and getting paid through MPesa. EBooks are just like physical books, only being sold online, not in store.

Where to get ebooks? You may ask. Well, you can register your Ebook or buy them online and resale them online.

Here is how you can market your ebooks online and get paid via M-Pesa:

  • Jumia is an excellent place to begin as it has an online store
  • You could market them on your blog or as an affiliate of Amazon or
  • Be like me, deal the Ebooks on social media.

     4. Article Writing

Article report is a good job online these days. There is always surplus of opportunities for writing assignments online. There are numerous online writing jobs available to make funds online.

  • Blog posts
  • Articles for online magazines
  • Web content articles & eBooks
  • Ebooks for Kindle

You can get paid through MPesa by writing on the following sites:

  • Upwork
  • Writing for Kenyan bloggers

     5. Academic Writing

There is a huge difference between academic writing and Article Writing.

Academic writing is where the online author is expected to have a degree.

The article writers usually have grades in other fields of study or are just inspirational about writing since they were kids and do it online freelance jobs.

Examples include:

  • Writing papers for online colleges, universities, high schools, etc.
  • Developing policies and procedures manuals that online colleges will utilize
  • Writing textbooks online.

To be paid via M-Pesa, you can work with someone who has an account on popular Academic writing websites, & they pay you by sending money to your phone.

     6. Web Design & Development

Web design and development is another outstanding job you can do online in Kenya and get paid via M-Pesa.

You can work as a freelancer online & build websites; this way, you can always find buyers on freelancing sites, and these websites pay you.

Some ways to earn via web design include:

  • Working on Upwork
  • creating your own design company
  • working for somebody who runs a company online
  • Creating online stores online.
  • You can create logos, banners, brochures, and other promotional materials to boost the company’s products online.
  • Writing scope for websites.
  • Enhancing SEO (Search engine optimization) by doing specialties like correcting errors on a website or recognizing and removing duplicate web pages from search developments that are not relevant

     7. Running an online store

If you run an e-commerce shop and target Kenyans, you can combine M-Pesa to get your clients to pay you through M-Pesa.

WordPress is such a fantastic platform, and there are plugins for running an online store on WordPress & Lipa and M-Pesa.

You may also like to sign up with a hosted provider, Pesapal, Jambopay, & Kopokopo, making it more comfortable to use M-Pesa on your website.

     8. Sports Betting

You might differ, but there are Kenyans who make a fair living from sports betting. It is a specific online business. You must not create more than one bet per day every-day because the odds of winning are smaller than 50%, so on average, it would take approximately six bets for you to win anything important each time.

Good luck with your betting

     9. Social media Influencer

This job is typical among the youth; ask them. To become a social media influencer, you require to be online 24 hours and use catchy representations in your posts to get people’s awareness.

To develop an online following, you ought to have something unique concerning yourself or what you are publishing so that people can find “you” online easily on outlets like Twitter, for example.

Achieving the expected number of followers could take some time, but if accomplished right, one would begin seeing money coming their way through supported posts from local brands who pay via M-Pesa.

These platforms work well with influencers in Kenya:

     10. Running a YouTube Channel

This forum is common among the ladies in Kenya; most Kenyan channels gain good money by partnering with local labels that pay them through M-Pesa or through check or bank transfers.

Some of the famous YouTube channels I am speaking about include:

  • Pika na Raych
  • Miss Truddy
  • Edgar Obare,
  • Tuko channel & the list is endless

That is it, 10 Online Jobs in Kenya That Pay You Via Mpesa!



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