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Oscar Sudi Biography, Education, Age, Family & Source Of Wealth

Real Name Oscar Kipchumba Sudi
Age 40 years (As of 2022)
Nationality Kenyan
Education Level University
Place of Birth Trans-Nzoia
Birth Sign Taurus
Year of Birth 1981
Religion Christianity
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Profession/Career Politics
Net Worth N/A

Oscar Kipchumba Sudi is the present Member of Parliament (MP) for Kapseret Constituency in Uasin Gishu County. For a man born in abject poverty, his rise to administration was largely through seeking intricate associations and sheer hard work.
Politically, Sudi is known to be an enthusiastic ally to Deputy President William Ruto whom he supports whenever real or perceived opponents attack him. Nevertheless, his sharp tongue has always smeared Sudi as a controversial man who doesn’t dice his words. Due to this, Sudi has drawn friends and foes in equal measures.


The parliamentarian was born in mid-1981, meaning he is currently about 40 years old.


Sudi was born in Kitale in Trans-Nzoia county, before their household relocated to Kesses in Uasin Gishu county. In a past discussion, Sudi disclosed he was born in a family of 5 and has two brothers.

Controversy Sorrounding Education

In an discussion with Felix Odiwuor alias Jalang’o, Sudi disclosed that he studied at Tulwop Ngetuny & Ngeria Primary Schools. Nevertheless, through the discussion, his education status demonstrated a hot potato even as he admitted that at some point he declined out of school to venture into charcoal and matatu corporations.
Currently, Sudi is seeing himself in an awkward position as it emerges that the school he alleged to have sought his secondary education does not exist.
According to Nabiki Kashu, an officer from Kenya National Examination Council, Sudi’s KCSE certificate may be a fraud given his name did not occur at the council’s database for the 2006 examination. Kashu also contended that the school which Sudi argues to have attended called Highway High School was not existent in 2006.
To further confuse matters, the school code ( 401006 ) emerging on Sudi’s KCSE certificate is for Parklands Secondary School and not Highway High School. Moreover, Sudi’s diploma certificate in Business Management obtained from Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) seems to be forged.
According to John Mateshe, a retired head of exams at KIM, the serial number on Sudi’s certificate belonged to a diverse student.

“The number 36262 on the credential presented to me belongs to a certificate given to one Elkana Kimutai of registration number NRB/20870 of Diploma in Purchasing and collections management, which was given on September 24, 2009,” the witness told the court.
there was also a claim that Sudi’s admission number belonged to a different student.
“The admission number NRB/20879 belongs to Scholastica Achieng’ Odhiambo of Diploma in Management of NGOs. The student was recorded in 2005. From our records, Sudi has never enlisted as a student of the institute,” Mateshe stated.

Source of Wealth

When Sudi first contested for Kapseret Constituency seat in 2013, the electorate baptized him Eldoret’s Mike Sonko because at only 32 he was moving on high end machines. As a result, many questions have been asked about his source of prosperity.
According to Sudi, he started toiling at tender age of 14 where he would sell charcoal in Kesses, subsequent to Moi University Main Campus. He was also helping his father sell fruits and wake up as early as 5 a.m to board a vehicle to Eldoret to acquire fresh fruits in town.

Matatu Business

Through the many travels, he made friends with matatu conductors and touts. He enjoyed at an opportunity of being a podium tout at one point.
“One day, I discovered that touts did not come to the stage on Sundays. So I requested them to simply allow me to manage it to which they tolerated,” recalls Sudi.
After one year, Sudi later completed a driver who had no conductor and he asked him to be one. This diverted to be a life-changing opportunity for Sudi who was then a teenager.
On the first day, the driver who possessed the Peugeot 504 discovered that Sudi was up to the task, genuine and hard working. The parliamentarian operated as a conductor earning a minor ksh 800 a month exclusive of daily allocations. He stayed away from alcohol and focused on reprieves.
“While my friends were drinking, I only brought soda and saved my money. After only 1 year, I had ksh 21k in my house,” admitted Sudi.

Venturing in other businesses

After his matatu boss presented him 7 acres of land, he then embarked on farming, gaining him ksh 129k on the first season.

As Sudi’s wealth was carrying an upward trajectory, he met a buddy called Stephen who taught him to a risky yet paying fuel business. They partnered in peddling fuel that was obtained through shady deals.
The second term MP utilized his money to buy pool tables after realizing how profitable the incident was. This also raised his wealth.
Due to his bravery in looking for well-connected persons, Sudi started buying & selling land as a broker. Further, he met a rich man who tasked him with delivering automobiles from the port of Mombasa to Moi University lecturers. Sudi created up to Ksh 2k for every vehicle begotten.
As he started rubbing shoulders with influential people including Cyrus Jirongo, Sudi determined to join politics. He helped former MPs Peris Simam and David Koros before winning the 2013 elections on a URP ticket. Sudi protected his seat in 2017 by garnering more than 70% of the votes.
Oscar Sudi’s grand house in Kapseret is evaluated to be worth at least Ksh 100 million.



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