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Purity Ngirici Age, Family, Education, Biography, Investments And Political Career

Real Name Purity Wangui Ngirici
Age 43 (As of 2021)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level University
Place of Birth Kirinyaga County
Birth Sign N/A
Year of Birth 1978
Religion  Christianity
Spouse  N/A
Children  N/A
Profession/Career Politician, Entrepreneur
Net Worth $200,000

Before 2017, Purity Ngirici Wangui conducted a rather quiet life and focused on her family’s vast investments across various fields. However, this low profile took an abrupt change when Ngirici declared her interest to vie for the Kirinyaga woman representative seat.
Though she was then a rookie politician, one thing she knew was that one had to court awareness at all cost and crush her enemies entirely. So, through her billionaire husband, Ngirici climbed an affluent campaign characterized with a hired chopper and high-end SUVs as she successfully succeeded the woman rep seat.


Ngirici was born in 1978 & is aged 43 by the time of this periodical.


She is wedded to Andrew Peter Ngirici, a business tycoon who dropped out of school in class 4 and started doing menial jobs before establishing himself in the matatu industry.
The pair are blessed with 3 children, namely Sean Ngirici, Tanya Ngirici & Dean Ngirici. The rich family is known to throw lavish birthday bashes for their children. Such was seen in September 2021 when their adoring daughter Tanya was given a Mercedes car with Andrew Ngirici encouraging her to work hard to ‘return the favor’ in the future.

Purity Ngirici Education

The 43 year scanned at Karoti Secondary School. She pursued a Bachelor of Commerce at a London University. In addition, she holds a Masters in Human Resource Management from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology.

Career, Philanthropy and Investments

Wangui’s profession began in NGO’s and she performed at the World Food Programme for a short time before she ventured into business with her husband. They started by importing tyres and vehicles before extending tentacles into real estate, mining, transport & media.
Before joining politics, Ngirici was involved in charity work to educate the less fortunate and organize free medical camps. She also supported rice farmers in Kirinyaga by presenting her tractors to be used in desalting of canals.

“I’ve been capable of educating up to 48 youths, and through well-wishers, I’ve been able to establish free medical camps in nearly every ward in my county,” Ngirici said in a past interrogation.
She counted: “I took my tractors and put them on foot in Kirinyaga. I am doing desilting of channels for rice farmers.”


Ngirici’s promising political career was clear when she won the Jubilee party woman representative primaries by spooning a massive 127k votes. She went on to succeed during the general elections.
Despite performing like clockwork with Governor Anne Waiguru during the campaigns, the two emerged to severe ties instantly after the elections.

Ngirici offered Waiguru’s inauguration a wide berth, alleging that her followers had humiliated her and Waiguru did zero about it.
“Respect is two-way gridlock and if Waiguru does not appreciate me as a duly elected executive or as her mentor, then I will not also recognize her. When I was then announced the winner of the seat by the county producing officer, Waiguru’s followers burst into songs as they teased me…she was present and did not stop her followers from mocking me. I was very annoyed,” Ngirici said as mentioned by Business Today.


The connection between Waiguru and Ngirici got more frigid as they openly led various routes especially after the handshake. While Waiguru was on the Kieleweke deal, Ngirici was a politician allied with the DP William Ruto Tangatanga branch.
At one point, Ngirici moved out a parallel campaign dubbed ‘Ngirici and Sons Rescue Team’ that was represented to offer healthcare, water and ambulance services. Waiguru’s government was supposed to have failed on such important areas.
Later on, Ngirici transformed the offices of the retrieval team for use by the UDA party in a move to establish loyalty to Deputy President William Ruto. Besides, she even rebranded her luxury vehicles to the yellow and green colors of the UDA party.

Breaking Ranks with Ruto

Nevertheless, in October 2021, Ruto received Waiguru as she officially absconded to the UDA party, which appeared to burst Ngirici’s bubble.
A frustrated Ngirici told the Standard that she has smelled betrayal and will only focus on Kirinyaga politics; never will she escort Ruto across the country as she previously did.
“You will never visit or hear me climbing a campaign truck running presidential elections. Instead, I will concentrate on Kirinyaga.”
“I no longer peg my yearnings of being elected governor to Ruto. Instead, I entirely rely on God and the people of Kirinyaga,” she stated.
Ngirici added: “Kirinyaga people do not consider being smudged with porridge.”



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