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Queen Hezena Family, Career, Biography And Personal Life

Real Name Hezena Lemaletian
Age 24 (As of 2022)
Nationality Kenyan
Education Level University
Place of Birth Samburu
Birth Sign Taurus
Year of Birth 1996
Religion Christianity
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Profession/Career Politician
Net Worth N/A

Hezena Lemaletian is a well known activist from Samburu county who rose to celebrity during the Azimio la Umoja Convention carried out at the Kasarani National Stadium on 10th December 2021. In this event, ODM leader Raila Odinga stated he will run for the presidency in the forthcoming general elections. This report looks into her biography, highlighting her family, education, personal life, career, and more details.

Age, Place of Birth, and Family

She was actually born in Samburu to a father who functioned as District Commissioner. Hezena lost her father, whom she says encouraged her life path and significantly influenced who she has grown to be.


Hezena Lemaletian attended primary school in Maralal at a school named Milimani. She then entered St. Theresa Girls High School for her secondary education. For her higher schooling studies, Hezena enrolled at the University of Nairobi to pursue Finance.


Beginning of the year 2012, she was a finance officer positioning her university degree into training before she veered into Community development.
Hezena has ever been passionate about the rights of juvenility groups having gone through that life firsthand. She supports the rights of marginalised groups in Kenya. She is the reigning Miss Commonwealth Kenya, Charity Ambassador for the greta Commonwealth, and a Global Peace Ambassador as well. She uses her positions to air the challenges her individuals face at home and the expansions they would wish to see in their regions.

Lemaletian is the inventor of the Pastoralists Sports Initiative a venture that seeks to empower the youth economically via culture and sports. The Initiative aims at building peace and cohesion among the Samburu by occupying them in sports exercises and having little time to engage in cattle rustling.
Her efforts to enhance the lives of her community has glimpsed her gain an audience in radio stations, television stations, online platforms, a & global stretches such as the African Women Summit 2021 summoned in Dubai.


Politically, Hezena Lemaletian is associated to former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. She performs as Secretary-General with ‘Vijana na Rao’, a tactic used by the presidential candidate to reach the Kenyan youth. In her position, she is in control of formulating strategies and pars to promote Odinga’s presidential request. Her speech at the Azimio la Umoja routine caught the attention of thousands of Kenyans.
Moreover, Hezena is scrutinizing to be Samburu’s Women Representative in the coming 2022 general elections. She says she is glancing forward to implementing her agricultural process plans for her county should she be elected.



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