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Rafiki Halisi Life Plan

What you accumulate with Rafiki Halisi Life Plan

Rafiki Halisi Life Cover is a policy that survives your lifetime & finally pays the bump sum of your cover deal to your beneficiaries when you are gone. Every five years, we give you a reimbursement of half the value of the contributions you made.

What you get

What we pay for

  • Every five years, we offer you a refund of half the value of the contributions you made.
  • Your beneficiaries get the advantages of your cover when you pass on.

As per policy

  • You are qualified to a life cover on your own life.
  • You can take up more Rafiki Halisi Life Cover options so long as the cover values do not exceed KES. 1M.
  • You do not have to go for medical tests when applying for this cover.


  • You can register anytime if you are between 15 to 55 years, and also get your child covered if they are between 10 & 17 years.
  • The minimum cover limit is Ksh. 50,000 while the maximum is Ksh. 1M.
  • You have the option of taking up the cover individually or for your whole family. This suggest that you can take the cover for your spouse and up to four (4) of your children.


What is not included?

  • Not within policy
  • Our policy does not cover death by suicide.



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