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Raila Odinga Junior Biography, Education, Career, And Personal Life

Raila Odinga Junior is 2022 presidential candidate Raila Odinga’s third-born child. Bearing the name of a goliath definitely casts significant weight upon his shoulders, an element that he has admitted to in past interviews. The anticipations and standards expected of him have been more than the middle Kenyan’s though he says he welcomes it as it propels him to earn more. This article looks into his bio exploring his background, education, profession, and personal life details.

Raila Odinga Junior Age & Place of Birth

He was born in mid-1979 after his elder siblings, the late Fidel Odinga and Rosemary Odinga born two years earlier than him. He has one more youthful sister Winnie Odinga born in early 1990. His father is Kenya’s ex prime minister Raila Odinga and his mom is Ida Odinga. In a past interview, Raila Odinga Junior disclosed that it was only until he was ten years old that he foremost physically saw his dad. This is because he was always in the warmth of politics fighting for multi-partism in a country that was under the one-party rule with the late President Moi at the helm of control.

Raila Odinga Junior Education Background

He is a former sudent of the University of Wales, from where he acquired a Bachelor of Arts Honors in Accounting & Finance in 2002. After his undergraduate studies, he entered the University of Leeds for his Master’s degree in Finance, graduating in late 2004.

Raila Odinga Junior Profession Journey

His first job was an accountant, a position that he reveals would earn him $1000 in monthly wages. 

Beyond his Financial position, Raila Odinga Junior is an entrepreneur who runs a prosperous media company in Nairobi named Creative Hub. Beyond being the organization’s executive producer, he brings in his academic training and financial background as the Chief Financial Officer. 

Junior’s over fifteen years of work background in business development and business has seen him work with organizations such as National Bank, Airtel, Nescafe, Omo, Ketepa, I&M, & Maisha Water.

Raila Odinga Junior Personal Life 

He is wedded to Yvonne Wambui with whom they hold been blessed with two kids. 

In 1985, he was found with a non-cancerous tumor at the back of his brain that would impact his nervous system. In other news, he has in the past been affected in the marijuana legalization debate suggesting that he would be for it given that it is used for therapeutic purposes such as alleviating distress for cancer patients. 

Raila Odinga Junior Net Worth

His company and investments have made him a millionaire. He says that he does not depend on his father’s fortune.



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