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Reedah Yvonne Biography, Education, Career, And Personal Life

Real Name Reedah Yvonne
Age 29 (As of 2021)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level N/A
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign N/A
Year of Birth 1992
Religion  N/A
Spouse  N/A
Children  Shumpai Morgan
Profession/Career TV and Radio personality
Net Worth N/A

Media personality Reedah Yvonne has built her profession and personal life diligently over the years, becoming one of Kenya’s most famous personalities. However, her fans have consistently wondered about her background and personal life facts. This article is here to answer those questions. First, let’s look into Reedah’s biography.

Reedah Yvonne Age and Place of Birth

Reedah is twenty-nine years old, steering onto her thirties as of 2021. She was born in Kenya but grown in the United Kingdom, where she spent most of her life before migrating to Kenya aged twenty-three.

Reedah Yvonne Education Background

She regarded school in the UK, although details on where she schooled and her academic paths are unclear. 

Reedah Yvonne Career Journey

Yvonne’s profession took a start in the modeling industry in the UK, where she worked with local brands & did a variety of promotions. In 2016, she moved back to Kenya, pursuing a reconnect with her past. She came and entered the Nairobi Diaries in its second season, replacing the exiting Vera Sidika. Vera anointed negativity, poor scripting, & too much drama as her reasons for defecting from the Kenyan reality show. Reedah’s character fit the show as her extrovert character did well in publicity. She however left the show a few episodes later on, clutching a break from the public eye.

The next step in her profession came in mid-2018 when she got a role at NRG Radio to co-host the Monday to Thursday weeknight ‘The Circle’ with Shaq The Yungin. Her subsidy was a welcome step as fans bubbled in enjoying her British accent. Additionally, she showed a stylish persona on her social media pages to push her work.

On 14th August 2021, another pause came in for her when she got a role at Switch TV possessed by Red Cross to host the Switchboard show aired every Saturday between 10:00 AM & 12:30 PM. Moreover, she emerges regularly on HappyHourKE, another show on Switch TV where her love for dance and the hype are evident for all to see.

Reedah Yvonne Personal Life 

She opened up about an offensive relationship she had been in for three years since she was seventeen years old. Reedah Yvonne communicated the story with her 69.8k Instagram supporters asking women to be brave enough to exit toxic relationships and told men to be better people.

In 2017, she conceived and gave birth to her firstborn boy on 10th October and called him Shumpai Morgan. She does not disclose much about her child’s father but confessed that she tattooed her boyfriend’s name on her shoulder when she was more immature. Shumpai is a baby brand influencer and the apple of his mother’s eye.

Reedah Yvonne Contact

Instagram – @reedah_yvonne



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