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Richard Onyonka Biography, Career, Personal Life, Education, And Background

Real Name Richard Momoima Onyonka
Age 59  (As of 2021)
Nationality Kenyan
Education Level University
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign Capricorn
Year of Birth 1962
Religion Christianity
Spouse Mrs. Onyonka
Children N/A
Profession/Career Politician
Net Worth $100,000

Richard Onyoka is among the people looking to take the position of Governor James Omariba Ongwae as Kisii County Governor in the 2022 general elections. He is a famous politician in Kisii, having served the individuals for a long time, clocking fourteen years in 2021. This article looks into the bio of Richard Onyoka.

Richard Onyonka Age and Place of Birth

He was born to the late Zachary Onyonka & his mother Beatrice Onyonka on the 1st of January 1962, naming him Richard Momoima Onyonka. His late father was an entrepreneur, economist, & foreign minister performing with several companies in his tenure. Dr. Zachary possessed The Mosaic Mall and The Monarch Hotel.

Richard Onyonka Education Background

His educational background glimpsed him to attend Otamba & St Mary’s Mosocho for his primary school education. He then enrolled at St Marys Yala for his A-Levels & Kisii High School for his O Levels. He then entered the University of Nairobi seeking Commerce between 1980 and 1985.

Richard Onyonka Career Journey

Richard was a member of the national assembly representing the individuals of Kitutu Chache South. He modeled on this political seat since then as he switched political parties. His political journey started at the People’s Democratic Party between 2007 to 2013. He then transitioned to ODM and, since 2017, has been a member of the Ford Kenya Party. He is now observing the Kisii gubernatorial seat and has made his claim known in readiness for the 2022 general elections.

Richard Onyonka Personal Life

Richard Onyonka was among the 152 scholars arrested during the 1982 endeavored coup for the attempt and treason. He recognizes that time rose his life skills. The High Court discharged the group on the grounds of ‘nolle Prosequi’ in time for their examinations. Besides, he was a football player in the goalkeeper rank.

On a campaign on 18th December 2021, the lawmaker is suspected of being oppressed when he started bleeding from his mouth after clutching some water passed to him by an unknown individual. The police are investigating into this matter to establish its source.



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