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Ringtone Apoko Bio, Songs, Age, Education, Azziad, Wife and Net Worth

Real Name Alex Apoko
Age 28 (As of 2022)
Nationality Kenyan
Education Level N/A
Place of Birth Kisii
Birth Sign Taurus
Year of Birth 1994
Religion Christianity
Spouse Angel Nyambura
Children N/A
Profession/Career Gospel Singer
Net Worth Kshs. 800 million

Ringtone Apoko Biography

Alex Apoko, generally known as Ringtone Apoko is Kenya’s number one certified awareness seeker in Gospel music artistry. He is a Kenyan gospel artist, and entrepreneur as well an online clout-chaser. Ringtone Apoko is among the richest artists in Kenya at the moment.

Ringtone Apoko Birthday, Age, Birthplace, Tribe, Nationality

Alex Apoko was born in the year 1994 in Kisii County, Kenya. When he was still a young kid, his mother left him at the doorstep of a bar along Nairobi’s Tom Mboya Streets, where his dad used to routine. Unfortunately, his daddy never set foot on that bar on that distinct night. His uncle, nevertheless, recognized him and took him to his paternal grandmother who took good care of him by selling illicit liquor comprehended as chang’aa.

Ringtone Apoko Family

Ringtone was dumped by his parents when he was still a little child. He was left underneath the care of his grandmother who could hardly help him. Two years later, his grandmother died. Ringtone went ahead and sought refuge in the streets, making him to become a street child.

Ringtone Apoko Education Background

Ringtone tended Mombasa High School for his secondary schooling.

Ringtone Apoko Music Career

Ringtone has been in the gospel music stage for some time now. He has been able to work with different artists in the industry such as Daddy Owen, Ada, Rose Muhando & Gloria Muliro.

Ringtone Apoko Songs

Some of his songs are Ni Yesu tu, Nakupenda bwana wangu, Wacha iwe ft.Gloria Muliro, Tenda wema, Rudi Nyumbani, Jubilation, Walionicheka, , This Year ft. Ada, Zoea mawe & Wanadamu.
Ringtone Apoko Azziad Nasenya
On 23rd May, 2020, Ringtone unleashed a song featuring Azziad Nasenya, who is the Kenyan tik-tok queen 7 the newest internet trend. The song is known as ‘Zoea Mawe’ & it currently has 247,500 views, trending at #3. Zoea Mawe is a motivational music by Ringtone featuring Azziad Nasenya. It literally urges those who are going through a difficult time to keep moving since God is in control.

Ringtone Apoko Dating Azziad Nasenya

Whispers took the internet by storm after pictures of Ringtone and The Tik-tok queen Azziad Nasenya did rounds on jovial media. The photos appeared contentious and even featured Azziad with a inflated belly. Netizens wondered how fast Azziad could be expectant of Apoko and yet it’s hardly three months since the lady came to the limelight. It later unwrapped that the photos were endured during Apoko’s new hit song Zoea Mawe in which he featured Azziad as the woman in focus.

Ringtone Apoko Scandals

It is quite obvious that Ringtone Apoko has more issues than popularity. Ringtone has had his fair share of humiliations in this country. A while ago, he migrated to Runda after making his fans believe he was broke as some people had publicly displayed. This came as a great suprise to many who had earlier on so believed that the musician was broke.
Months after moving into the wealthy neighborhood, the controversial singer had subjects with the Karen Residents Association for raising over 40 cows in the posh milieu. According to the company, Karen is a residential neighborhood and not a farm. When asked on how he resorted to raising cows, he stated that behind Zari turned down his courtship offer, he chose to keep them and rear them. The cows have since reproduced and multiplied. They also give him milk which he markets and makes money out of it.
On June 10, 2019, Ringtone was allegedly captured for prostituting and complicating scholars at Cooperative University. Over years, the musician has been said to date a uncertain number of women.
He at one time claimed that Willy Paul was not fit for the Gospel Industry. This arrived in after Willy Paul was said not to satisfy the standards for a Gospel artist. Furthermore, it was said that Tanzanian artist Nandy aborted Willy Paul’s junior. This made Kenyans to challenge Ringtone Apoko’s sanity because no sane person would air one’s filthy laundry in the public just like that.
After his love jokes turned out to be unsuccessful, he effortlessly drew another stunt, claiming that he had opted to be a preacher. He went ahead and published photos dressed up as a preacher. Netizens later came to know that the trick was used for clout because he was hitting a music videos for a song he was ready to release.
The craziness does not conclude there. He went ahead and slammed Stevo Simple Boy, calling him a ‘Mihadarati singer’ and not a gospel musician.

Ringtone Apoko Beaten

In March, 2020, a Facebook user abode to the platform and started circulating rumors concerning Ringtone Apoko’s apparent death. The person posted that Ringtone was hammered to death while he was following his crush to a local bar. This was later demonstrated to be pure lies.

Ringtone Apoko Death

Two months ago, Ringtone Apoko’s haters brought to social media to post the untimely death of the Kenyan Gospel musician. They posted:
“RIP Papa Ringtone…Sadly reporting the strange death of our Kisii Kenyan gospel singer, Rington Apoko. He was thrashed up to death when he followed his crush to a bar. What the hell??? RIP Brother Ringtone,” the post read, published by a Facebook user identified as Timoh Yeazzinny Young. Ringtone has heretofore come out to say that he is safe sound and those are nothing but stories.

Ringtone Apoko Zari Hassan

Ringtone one of the most contentious persons in Kenya. After Zari split with Diamond in 2018, Ringtone quickly proclaimed his love for the Ugandan beauty. Moreover, he vowed to do anything to be able to marry Zari.

Ringtone then proceeded ahead and bought 42 heads of cattle & was ready to take them to Zari’s home in Uganda, saying that no man should claim Zari if they had not delivered bride price. When Zari dwelled Kenya in 2018, Ringtone Apoko had purchased Zari a Range Rover as a gift and was willing to give it to her but she instantly turned it down. The clasic car has since been put up for hire business. Before Zari, Ringtone had been chasing for Ray C, a Tanzanian singer who also turned down his offer.

Ringtone Apoko Wife

Ringtone Apoko publicly revealed in a song that he was looking for a wife. The singer had a placard of grades that the woman he was looking for should have. The music was dubbed ‘Natafuta Bibi’ and it had Jacqueline Wolper as the video vixen. This grew eyebrows because he had shown curiosity in the Tanzanian beauty.
Walking around with a poster, the rates he was looking for in a wife were hardworking, modest, prayerful and God-fearing. Unfortunately, I guess the singer is yet to find a wife with such distinctive qualities.

Ringtone Apoko Baby Mama and Child

A while ago, a lady called Angel Nyambura claimed that she is Ringtone’s baby mama. She went forward and said that the gospel artist refused responsibility. A tout in Thika comprehended as Philip Mwaura came out to say that the newborn was his, which Angel declined, claiming that he does not even know the said man. Angel requires a DNA test to know the truth.

Ringtone Apoko Net worth

Saying that Ringtone Apoko is wealthy would be an understatement. This man is floating in wealth. He crowned himself the wealthiest man in Kenya and even went ahead to display off some of his wealth such as a big house, his posh cars & some of the businesses he owns. Ringtone Apoko’s present net worth is roughly Kshs. 800 million.



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