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Rose Muhando Biography, Education, Age, Family and Early Life, Children, Career and Controversy and Awards

Real Name Rose Muhando
Age 46 (As of 2022)
Nationality Tanzanian
Education Level N/A
Place of Birth Dumila, Kilosa Tanzania
Birth Sign Taurus
Year of Birth 1976
Religion Christianity
Spouse N/A
Children Firstborn Gift, second born Nicholas and  the last born Milan
Profession/Career Gospel Singer
Net Worth N/A

Rose Muhando is a famous Tanzanian gospel singer whose music style and energy attracted so many fans during her performances. In Kenya, there was a time when her tune used to be played everywhere, from churches, hospitals, public service vehicles, & bars. The music was full of power, and anyone hearing to her wanted to start dancing. So many church dancers would use her music to form dance choreographies. This all transformed as she was dogged by discussion after controversy. Rumors started to spread about her, primarily malicious and fans were vamoosed wondering what happened?


The Tanzanian singer was born in mid-1976 in Dumila, Kilosa district, Morogoro region in Tanzania.


Not much is open on her education, but she went to school back in her birth village.

Family and Early Life

Rose was also the born the last born in a Muslim family. Her daddy was a sheik, and they were raised up in a staunch Muslim family. She adored her faith and enjoyed following the authorities until 1989, when she evolved very sick. The disease brought her so much pain, and suffering as her parents tried every conceivable way, including seeking traditional doctors, to find cure for her, but their efforts paid no fruits.
With frivolity else left to do, they stayed for her death. One day, she asked they take her to a separate room where she would be alone since she desired to die and didn’t want them to endure witness. They fulfilled her desire but still put a Keen eye on her. In discussion with Radio Citizen, she states that a miracle occurred during the midnight hours. First, a light from heaven fell upon her, and an arm extended from the morning, then she attended a voice saying, “I am Jesus. I have cured you, be healthy, arise & serve me.” The spokesperson said these words three times, and when Rose roused up, her body was okay, and she was cured. Her parents bore observer to all this but did not hear any voice. The days tracked were full of confusion until she clarified what happened to a Christian lady. The woman told her she had to be baptized and evolve a Christian. She went back to her father and told him of her decision to become a Christian.


The songstress has never been wedded but is blessed with three children. In an discussion with Citizen media in 2019, she conveyed more about her children. The firstborn Gift was peering law at Tumaini University, the second born Nicholas is a Finance scholar and the last born Milan was yet in high school.


She actively participated in music scenes when she was a choir trainer in different places. The last time she was a teacher was at the Anglican Church in Kilimanjaro.
While with the choir, she began writing her own songs and was able to get some cash to record an album. The album was a hit not just in Tanzania but East Africa also. From then on, she delivered several songs that were also very prosperous. In 2011, she signed a contract with Sony music, which was a first agreement of a kind for East Africa.


Nakuuliza shetani
Shujaa wa Msalaba
Kiatu Kivue
Kenya Ulindwe
Utamu wa Yesu
Jitenge na Lutu
Usife Moyo
Nipe Uvumilivu
Yesu Karibu Kwangu
Ndivyo Ulivyo
Ole Wangu
Nakaza mwendo
Uko wapi
Yesu Nakupenda
Bwana Niongoze
Penye Raha
Pumzika mama
Woga Wako
Nakaza Mwendo
Niangalieni Mimi
Sema Nami
Tabu Zangu
Wanyamazishe Bwana
Wambe Nao


Being in the spotlight means attracting trolls. People want to comprehend what you’re up to. This famous artist has not been limited from all kinds of malicious gossips, including abortion and residency by evil spirits. Below are some of the stories she has responded to:
Drug abuse allegations. A period ago, a picture of Rose Muhando emerged online and she looked gaunt and battered, leading many to make hypotheses that she had started abusing drugs. In an interview with Radio Citizen, she denied these allegations and stated she doesn’t even understand how drugs look like. The musician said that she would not be anyone s3x slave and that when she rejected her manager’s advances, he took her things and began making scandalous stories about her. She proceeded on to say it does not count as long as she stays with God who knows the number of her days.
Exorcism by Kenyan pastor Ng’ang’aof Neno Evangelism Ministry. A video emerged of the preacher allegedly exorcising evil ghouls from her while she lay insentient. The “Kiatu Kivue” hitmaker stated she was called by the evangelist who said he desired to exorcise demons from her amidst scandals.
Despite all this, her life appears to be back on track. She unleashed the song Kenya Ulindwe which was well accepted. Fans can hope that this response is going to last and that her power and zeal will remain the same.


In 2005, she acquired the Tanzanian Music Awards: Best spiritual song (Mteule Uwe Macho) and best female singer of the year.
2008: Kenya Groove Awards. Best female gospel singer in Africa.
2009: Most suitable Tanzanian Gospel Singer Awards. She was gives 200, 000 Tanzanian Shillings by TBC ( Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation) for her great song “Nibebe.”



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