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Salary Of The Sign Language Interpreters In Kenya, Requirements and Colleges Offering Course

With grown lobbying for the rights of the minority in Kenya, particularly after the adoption of the 2010 constitution, sign speech to promote visual communication for the Deaf society has been on the rise.
In our daily routines, we occasionally meet Deaf people in various social conveniences and find it how difficult it is to comprehend their use of sign language.
Such was my personal knowledge in 2020 when I had to examine for an interpreter to assist a man who had a hearing impairment. It was then that an associate who understood Deaf culture brought to glow that it is advisable to always start with a capital ‘D’ (in writing the name Deaf) when writing a guidance note or referring to people with hearing impairment.

The most famous sign language interpreter in Kenya is Citizen TV’s Youla Nzale who robbed the show in a 2019 devolution meeting when she completely knitted president Uhuru Kenyatta’s tone and attitude into sign language.
With the rise in need for sign language interpreters, many Kenyans are seeking Kenyan Sign Language (KSL) as a short period to guarantee access to further options in media and different institutions. This article will provide an indepth analysis about the necessities, salaries of sign language interpreters & schools offering sign language in Kenya.

Admission Requirements for KSL

One has to meet the following conditions to study a diploma in sign language at the St. Paul’s University:-
KCSE mean grade of C- with a scorew of at least a C- in English & Kiswahili.
A genuine certificate in Kenya Sign Language (KSL)
A KCSE C- in KSL for Deaf persons.
The diploma abides 1 year divided into 3 semesters & one is expected to learn about relative linguistics, Deaf culture & ethics.
At the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) an indidual can study sign language for health care employees for 6 months. The short span is only offered at Murang’a & Molo campuses and the minimum admission necessity is a certificate in any course. According to their website, the tuition fee is ksh 60500.

Salaries for sign language interpreters

In a one-time job advertisement by Nyeri County Government, a sign language interpreter vacuity was posted in job group K class with a basic monthly salary of not less than ksh 31,000 a commuter subsidy of ksh 5,000 and a house allocation of ksh 12800. (Ksh 48800 gross pay).
However sign language interpreters performing with NGOs and media houses earn more.

Schools presenting sign language

St. Paul’s University.
ACK Language and Orientation School, Nairobi.
KMTC – sign language for healthcare workers at Molo and Murang’a campuses.Kenya Institute of Special Education, Kasarani
Sikri Technical Training Institutes for The Blind & Deaf, Oyugis.
St. Joseph Technical Institutes for the Deaf, Bondo.
Kenya Methodist University, Nakuru
COFA Institute of Technology Ongata Rongai.
Thika Technical Training Institute.
Machakos Teachers Training College.
Maasai Mara University, Narok.
Rifkins Business College, Mombasa.



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