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Shanah Serena Manjeru Biography, Education, Career, And Personal Life

Real Name Shanah Serena Manjeru
Age 13 (As of 2021)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level Primary
Place of Birth Kenya
Birth Sign Aries
Year of Birth 2008
Religion  Christianity
Spouse  N/A
Children  N/A
Profession/Career Singer
Net Worth N/A

Shanah Serena Manjeru is a developing teenager whose Musical talent has placed her on the international map as a shining star. Winning awards against seasoned artists and distilling her craft, Shannah is set for greatness. This article investigates the youngest Afrima nominee’s journey to astounding victory and what she hopes for in the future.

Shanah Serena Manjeru Age & Place of Birth

She was born on the 30th March 2008 to Anthony & Florence Manjeru as the couple’s last born of three kids. As a baby, her parents remember that she would often hum via activities such as eating &playing. They would then record these little events that they located simply fascinating. By age three, Shanah was nicely into singing and would consider her family.

Shanah Serena Manjeru Career Journey

Anthony and Florence Manjeru raised their kids, keeping an open mind and embracing non-conventional norms of living. We are no longer in the years where stifling inventiveness and skill happens in place of academic achievement only.

People are now welcoming uniqueness and nurturing talent as it is rewarding and gives a sense of satisfaction. Shanah was designated and supported to perform on various occasions and platforms such as birthdays, weddings, parties, Churchill Show Live, & Churchill Kids Festivals.

With that, the Manjerus organized a gospel music concert for their daughter Shanah when she was aged 7. The concert was a huge prosperous with attendees reckoning the forthcoming star. Once more, with the support of her parents, she unleashed her debut song and video titled Destiny in early October 2017. Next came the song We are One, & amidst the tensions of the Covid-19 pandemic, unleashed God Will Make A Way. Shanah Manjeru’s latest release called “This Is Christmas” is now available on YouTube.

Moreover, Shannah is a TV presentation host with the Big Minds presentation aired on Saturdays on KBC.

Shannah Serena Manjeru Awards

Her struggles and hard work in her art have not been futile. Shanah’s most earlier award was in 2017 when she took first place at the Kenya Music Festival nationals in the under-10 singing contest. This set the strong ground for more in the coming years.

In 2021, she evolved Africa’s youngest nominee and moved on to win the Best African Female Artiste in Passionate Music at the awards. Moreover, she was lately named one of the 100 child prodigies worldwide & invited to the Global Child Prodigy Awards 2022. Back home in Kenya, the thirteen-year-old was called among the Top 100 Kenyans 2021 list.



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