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Simon Gicharu Biography, Education, Career,Age, Background, Awards And Family

Real Name Dr. Simon Gicharu
Age 58 (As of 2022)
Nationality Kenyan
Education Level Doctorate
Place of Birth Gathiruini village, Kiambu county
Birth Sign Taurus
Year of Birth 1964
Religion Christianity
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Profession/Career Mount Kenya University Chairman
Net Worth N/A

Dr. Simon Gicharu is the chairman and originator of Mount Kenya University (MKU). MKU is one of the most comprehensive private universities in East Africa. He believes his business success is as a result of humility & focus.
“If a lion earmarks on a distinctive antelope, even if another antelope scratches on its body it will not be diverted from the original prey,” he remarked in a last interview.
He is also the creator of TV47, one of the most recent TV stations in Kenya.

Age and Background

He was born in mid-1964 in Gathiruini village, Kiambu county. He is the firstborn in his family and maintains six other siblings. His parents, the late Stephen Gicharu & the late Alice Wambui Gicharu (“Wa Lazaro”)-were peasant agriculturalists whose income could not support the whole family. The children, thus, worked in coffee farms to increase their income. His siblings are:
Bishop Emmanuel Gitonga (creator, Blessed Beyond Measure Assembly, Intl.), the deceased Mary Njoki Maina, Henry Njoora (Businessperson, Thika), John Ruigu (Fidelity Computers in Nairobi), David Kimani (Jasy Agencies in Thika), & Samuel Ng’ang’a (Kings College of Technology, Thika).


Simon doctored Kiawairia Primary School before rolling to Gathiruini Secondary School. He then moved to Murang’a High School and was captain in his last year. After high school, he moved to Kenyatta University for a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics & Chemistry. Later, he wrote Applied Mathematics for Craft Engineering- Kenya’s first post-secondary Mathematics school book.
In mid-1995, he got a scholarship at Cranfield University in Britain to peer Managing Enterprise Development at Cranford University in Britain.


The MKU creator first worked as a secondary teacher before teaching at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and Thika Technical Training Institute.
It was not until the Teachers Service Commission fired him that his entrepreneurial journey started. Dr. Simon Gicharu had initiated vending milk to support his family. Operating an old pick-up, the owner of MKU sold milk earning scorn from his friends.
“I did my rounds in an old Chevy pick-up. Friends laughed at me, calling me a ‘fallen graduate’. But this didn’t shake me. Self-belief is the key to success,” he transferred on twitter.

In fact, years later, he says the individual who had the most significant impact on his career was the one who sacked him. The person gave him the shove he required in order to get out of his consolation zone.

The entrepreneur conveyed how he pursued a teaching job at the International School of Professional Studies, which later transformed its name to Inoorero University. The recruitment officers did not want to give him a job and advised him not to call back. They swore to call him instead.
Some years later, he went back to buy the entire building that housed the university with everything inside it. The facility is currently acting as Mount Kenya University’s School of Law found in Parklands. After leaving Cranfield University, he returned to Kenya and began the Kenya Entrepreneurship Promotion Program (KEPP). It supplied micro loans & training to young entrepreneurs then started offering computer studies. It then became the Thika School of Management Studies and started offering managerial studies. In early 2003, it morphed into Thika Institute of Technology and evolved the first private college accredited to offer a diploma in Pharmacy.
The businessman also launched Equip Africa Institute. In addition, he serves as the patron of the Mount Kenya University Graduate Enterprise Academy & patron of Inter Universities Rover Moot beneath the Kenya Scouts Association.

Mr. Gicharu is also the head of:

Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Corporation
National Private Universities Owners Association of Kenya
He also seats on the board of Thika Water & Sewerage Company.


In 2013, the president rewarded him 1st Order Chief of Burning Spear- the highest civilian honor in Kenya. This was due to his assistance to the spreading credentials to higher education in Kenya.
In 2014, he was anointed Eastern Africa Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. The same year, he acquired an honorary Doctor of Science Degree from Gulu University, Uganda, to grow higher education in the East Africa region.
In 2015, he was anointed the Eastern African Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and subsequently established into the Ernst and Young Hall of Fame.
The Market Society of Kenya also granted him the Superlative Trailblazer Award in mid-2012 for his incredible marketing skills.


The professor is wedded with three children.



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