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Simon Kabu Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, And Career Journey

Real name Simon Kabu
Age 46 years old.
Place of birth Kenya
Marital status Married
Net worth Kshs 500 million

Climbing the ladder in this century of advancing innovation and development is quite a task. In Africa, the incline is steeper, seeing many insisting issues. Still, there is room for growth, & one of the areas with this possibility is tourism. While it has been specially reserved for the incoming and primarily foreign tourists, the industry is also buzzing with a growing number of local travelers who want to make time to tour their country.

One such man had a dream to advance tourism amongst Kenyans, and he has indeed succeeded with hard work and perseverance. In this article, we will explore the life & work of Simon Kabu, who is the chairman and CEO of bonfire adventures. 

Simon Kabu Age and Birthplace

He was born in Kenya in the year of 1975. He is presently 46 years old. 

Simon Kabu Early Life and Education 

Grit, hard work, and perseverance are just some of the few words that can be used to convey Simon Kabu. Like most of his peers in the post colonial era in Kenya, he rose in the countryside under the care of his very loving and hardworking parents. Their professions were reasonably practical and fitting at the time. But, growing up to parents who invested their time to make his life better, he chose to stay on course & pursue his education with just as much stress. His focus helped him to succeed brilliantly in high school, which disembarked him an opportunity to university. 

However, the prices then were a bit too much for his parents, so he had to choose whether to uphold going or find a way to come up with the amount he needed. As specified by his parents, he decided to work to raise his fees. This experience set him to be the successful businessman he is today. He finally graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and statistics. He worked for a period before the idea of the Bonfire adventures business was born. Since its inception, he & his wife have seen tremendous evolution and have garnered popularity.

Simon Kabu Personal Life

The successful CEO and creator is married to one Sarah Kabu, with whom they run the Bonfire experiences company together. Three fitting children have blessed their marriage. Simon Kabu is identified as one of the most thriving entrepreneurs in the country.

Simon Kabu Net Worth and Assets

Simon’s wealth is pulled from his work as an entrepreneur and businessman. His net worth is at an assessed Kshs 500 million.


Simon Kabu met Sara in December 2007 & a wonderful friendship began, which flourished to love. The couple spoke on Ebru TV back in 2018, and Sara says Simon was always sharing her gifts. He showed up for the first date with flowers and consistently showed up with something on the dates that followed. The proposal was a shock, and she was not even ready; she hadn’t even dressed, therefore, or made her hair. She didn’t want to go when she was woken up by Kabu the morning of the proposal. 

They held an invite-only ceremony at the Naivasha country club, a breathtaking nature combining both the wild and the beach. The groom and his men hung horses while the bride and her maids came in through a boat. After that, they moved to have a one-month honeymoon starting in Kenya before moving to other destinations. After the honeymoon, they resumed working hard to grow the business. 

In December 2012, they welcomed their first kid, a boy named Austin Kabu, and four years later, they welcomed their dual, a girl. Simon is known to often surprise his wife. He generated a stir at the CBD once when he surprised his wife with a black Range Rover on her birthday and, in 2020, surprised her with a beautiful party on their anniversary. The party had a few guests: TheWaJesus Family and The Bahatis. They have a YouTube channel to share some of their special family moments. 

The couple can work jointly harmoniously as marriage and business partners due to setting boundaries & defining their roles in the company.



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