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Snail Farming in Kenya: Things to Consider

 Snail Agribusiness in Kenya is a topic that has existed brought to light recently. While it may not be fresh, there are still many individuals who find it odd.

I remember when my parents and families would tell me stories about how people would market snails for 10 cents each in the villages and how the snails would be boiled before consuming.

However, the truth is that snail husbandry in Kenya can yield higher earnings than you think.

Although many gamblers are involved with this type of firm, it does not [necessarily] mean that you will fall. So here are some things to consider if you desire to try snail farming in Kenya.

Snail Farming in Kenya: Things to Consider

There are bunches of different methods you can start with snail farming. The first thing that you have to regard is the type of snails that you will be growing.

1. Type of Snails

There are many kinds, but all of them are edible, so it relies on your preference. Generally speaking, two significant groups are Asian snails and African snails.

The former is more -minor than [the] latter, but there are also more concerning reproduction rates. African snails have more elevated meat-to-shell ratios than Asians, but they also consume more food.

Regarding size, I’ve attended that some people keep and grow big African land snails, which may extend to [10] inches or more.

The fact that these are a lot larger than the Asians suggests that they can produce more succulent meat, and it will be tastier too. But then similarly, they also require food a lot more often.

2. Where to set up the farmstead for snail farming in Kenya

Another thing to regard in snail farming is where you should place your snails. A lot of people prefer to keep them outside since they are used to surviving the outdoors.

The best kind of place is one that is murky and moist at the same time. This will guarantee that you get healthy snails that can produce well.

If you choose to farm your snails inside your residence, however, there are a few items that you have to make certain of. The first thing is the section.

You can construct your own or purchase one, but it needs to be big enough for the snails to move approximately in as if they were outside.

A good concept would be a place with three partitions and a mesh-like cover on top, extended to allow light passage.

3. What about food and water?

Another thing that you ought to prepare is meals and water for your snails. You can make a variety which they can eat or purchase one from a snail farm supply store.

The only issue is if you leave it outside, there’s a possibility it will get soaked by rainwater and be ineffective for the snails to eat.

Also, if you’re considering of growing your snails indoors, you should be aware that indoor air rate is critical.

Snail farms can make a lot of waste and toxic gasses that will pollute your home. So make sure that you have both good ventilation and cleaning supplies to avoid any health problems.

4. How about Space?

Lastly is the problem of space for your snails to roam about in. The ideal area should be swarthy, moist areas, isolated hot jams, and basking areas, which will simulate their natural living patterns.

If you’re moving to do snail farming outdoors, it’s also nice if you build a hut for your snails that is protected from the temperature so as not to expose them to too much sun.

You don’t require to limit yourself to one type of snail or type of section. You can mix both Asians and Africans, but you have to be more cautious about it [as] they would be consuming different kinds of food.

But even so, you can also provide that the snails are adequately fed with a good mixture of diced fruits and vegetables to produce meaty flesh for your dinners.

If you require more information about snail husbandry or want to look into the opportunities, then there are many texts at the library or bookstore that you can go to.

There is nothing like snail husbandry in Kenya pdf; copy and paste the below URL in your web browser. You will then obtain all the information that you are peeking for.

Snail farming in Kenya has evolved a lot more popular today than it was years ago, and there are bunches of instructive resources available for those who like to try their hand in this kind of business.

As they say, the remains are up to you! Happy snail farming!



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