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Star 9065F1 Tomato Farming & Marketing in Kenya

If you are a farmer and you’re examining for the best disease-resistant, wide-yielding tomato type, then the Star 9065F1 is for you.

Star 9065F1 is a derivative of Starke Ayres Kenya, an agricultural company that delivers seeds to farmers in different parts of the country.

Apart from existing the leading moneymaker among tomato varieties in Kenya, the star 9065F1 is a bounded tomato hybrid.

Okay, enough small conference and all the praising, let’s delve in and see what this tomato type is made of.

Star 9065F1 Characteristics

  • The 9065 F1 tomato is new market type that produces firm and elongated cylindrical fruits with an standard of 100 – 120 grams and long shelf life.
  • The 9065F1 tomato is right for growth in drier or humid areas. (Open field tomato variety in Kenya)
  • Has a high disease patience to Powdery Mildew, Fusarium Race 1 & 2, Bacterial Wilt, Verticillium Race 1, Nematodes, &, lastly, the Tobacco Mosaic Virus.
  • Star 9065F1 has a maturity span of approximately 75 – 80 days to the first yield after transplanting.
  • The star 9065F1 is narrowly bushy and can be staked or left unstacked as a bounded tomato variety.

Ecological Requirements

  • Like any other tomato type, the 9065F1 does well in altitudes of up to 2,000 m above sea level.
  • This variety does nicely in areas that obtain over 600 mm of rainfall annually, dispersed throughout the growing season.
  • The optical temperature essential during the day and night is between 20 to 25°C and 15 to 17°C, respectively.
  • Like all tomato types, the Star 9065 f1 requires deep, well-drained sandy loam or clay loam soils with an optimal pH scope of 6.0 to 7.5.

How to easily get the Star 9065 f1 seeds

You can buy the 9065F1 seed directly from the Starke Ayres Kenya shops countrywide. They also deliver training on tomato farming, among other yields that they offer.

In the comments unit below, let us listen to your star 9065f1 tomato incident. Kindly remark with your number below if you require the full tomato production manual at only Ksh 300.



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