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Talia Oyando Biography, Family, Career, Marriage, Age, And Victim Of Bullies

Real Name Tallia Oyando
Nickname Chululups, the Night Nurse
Age 37 (As at 2021)
Nationality Kenyan
Place of Birth Nyanza, Kenya
Fiancé/Husband Ezekiel Onyango
Net worth Kshs. 45 Million

Talia Oyando Is A Reggae music Ambassador And One Of The Most Popular Presenter In Kenya
Talia Oyando is a well-known radio presenter and an artist who has been in the spotlight almost all her life. She also hosts the hugely famous ‘One Love’ reggae concert aired on Citizen TV. As she is popularly understood, the’ Night Nurse’ has a body to die for & her fashion taste is what you would name ‘bold’ if not daring.


Talia was born on 26th of February 1984. She is about 37 years old as of 2021.


Unlike most parents who prevent their children from venturing into music, Talia’s family was very corroborative. In fact, her loving father, Maurice Oyando, is a well-known producer who promoted her talent from a young age.


Talia was very busy in the studio releasing hits after hits and in rapid succession as a teenager. Partnering with Yma and Alma, the trio unleashed a hit song called ‘Jambo Rafiki’ in 2001. The song prevailed an Emmy award.
Later, the gifted radio presenter decided to go solo and cast other songs that were popular. She has performed with top musicians such as the late E-sir, A.Y from Tanzania CMB Prezzo, Goldenchyl, & Rizla who piloted her into reggae music. Oyando is understood for such hits as: Mimi na wewe with CMB Prezzo & Tanzania’s A.Y, Haunitishi with E-sir & sweety banana with Nyambane.

After splitting from the band, her first music was “Rasta” and the dual single was “What’s love” off the “Camp Fire Riddim” which established her as reggae artiste.

Media career

The singer interned at NTV and did not quit even after the internship was over. Since the sentries had no idea that her 3 months practicum at Nation Media Group had completed, she would hand them snacks and walk in as if she still performed there. Then, she’d tiptoe into the studio and carry on with work, hoping not to get in trouble. After all this, she would offer the show top 10 till 10 which didn’t have frequent presenters.
After some time, she met the director and was hired. The pay was about Kes6,000 per month.

Upon quitting NTV, she entered Radio DJ at Easy FM, Kenya’s only all RnB radio station.

In 2013, she entered Homeboyz radio and was the late-night host for a show dubbed “The juice in the mix” Lately, she declared her exit from the station in an Instagram post:
“Tonight & tomorrow will be my final performances on Homeboyz radio. I’m thankful for the years. Thank you for adjusting in thank you for the love. I love you wholeheartedly. From the depths of my heart. Let’s meet unext door,” she wrote on


The reggae princess also hosts Citizen TV’s “One Love” reggae performance that airs every Saturday from 4 to 5pm where Coco Soboo takes over from 5 to 7pm. In addition, she has moved to Radio Jambo where she also hosts ‘Reggae Wave’ from Monday to Friday form 7PM to 9PM.
“Tonight & tomorrow will be my final performances on Homeboyz Radio. I’m grateful for the years. Thank you for adjusting in thank you for the love. I love you whole heartedly. From the depths of my heart. Let’s catch up next door,” She transferred on IG when she was leaving HomeBoyz Radio.


Talia Oyando husband
Talia Oyando husband

The show host is wedded to Ezekiel Onyango, a film & television director. Talia’s husband is likewise the CEO of film crew in Africa.
The two got matched in 2010 and are blessed with a baby called Lyric. Talia confesses that the child is her most splendid inspiration in life.


Some individuals shinning today have gone through pain to get where they are. Talia Oyando was taunted while still in school. They would oftenly lock her up in dorms and spew water on her books. It took 3 schools for the media character to open up to her parents. The presenter stated she considered committing suicide:
“I got into recession and there were times when I wondered, should I actually be living? Is it all worth it?”
Sharing her wrangles on Ebru TV Lets Talk show, Talia said she denied to go to school for two months:
“The school owner would drive to the house every day on his way to the school and he would arrive in every day and say ‘let’s go’ and I’d be like ‘no’.
“Bullying is real & I just want to say to parents that if you see your children, talk to them , it’s alright to be friends with them so that they can at slightly tell you what’s really going on,” she went on to state.



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