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The Best Cleaning Companies in Nairobi Kenya 2022

Are you looking for a good cleaning company? We have researched and brought you the ten best cleaning businesses in Nairobi, Kenya. Home cleaning assistance and also give you the most suitable office cleaning company. Do you know the best cleaning company?

Well, we’ll guide you on the most beneficial and the reasons these cleaning companies are at the top list. In addition, we have a personal mark on how to get the best cleaning assistance.

Choosing an excellent cleaning company is one of the best decisions to make when you want your belongings clean.

You should not just jump into a cleaning firm without adequately checking the company. This is because there are detailed unprofessional and money-oriented cleaning companies. Businesses that are only out to get your money.

Indeed there are cleaning firms out there that are not professional and do not deliver quality cleaning services. In addition, some are not licensed while others do not have any understanding to offer valuable cleaning services.

Do not just clean your property from any company, be on the lookout for the best cleaning company; we will direct you.

Nairobi Cleaning Companies

Nairobi city is one of Africa’s biggest cities, and it is home to the leading cleaning companies. Some of the top and best cleaning companies in Nairobi are reliably reasonable and professional with the knowledge to provide the best cleaning services.

Therefore, the good few are hard to identify for your cleaning quickly. In this regard, you should be added careful to know the best cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya, before handing out your stuff for cleaning.

We have previously experienced fake cleaning companies in Nairobi-Kenya. Cleaning companies claim to be the best cleaning firms but usually run away with people’s properties.

Do not risk your worthwhile wears, seats, or even dare give such unreliable cleaning firms the key to your house or office. You do not deserve poor service.

Listing Qualities

This informative coverage will list the most uncontroversial of best cleaning firms in Nairobi, Kenya. These are the greatest cleaning companies that are experienced, professional, trustworthy to clean any stuff you have both in the office or at your home.

Similarly, we show you the most suitable office cleaning company and select them.

After thoroughly researching & engaging them in our premier moving services, we give you the top 10 best cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya.

Moreover, we have further enquired & received reports on service satisfaction from these cleaning companies’ clients.

The primary equilibrium in coming up with this list was determined by their professionalism, customer service, quality, machines, and dependability to deliver.

We have also dwelled most of these companies’ offices to see their physical location. The physical location of the finest cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya, adds credibility to their function area.

Therefore, this comprehensive list will inform you and help you get the right services.

Services that are inexpensive, quality, and reliable. However, this list is indiscriminate from the foremost to the last in the company list. Any company on the list is excellent and equal to the other.

List of the most suitable cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya:

1. Parapet Cleaning Services

Parapet cleaning services is one of the dynamic and best cleaning companies. The passionate Parapet cleaning services fall within our top 10 best cleaning businesses in Nairobi, Kenya, for their spirit, professionalism, and accessibility.

The company has various branches all over the country that meet many people’s demand for cleaning services. They have headquarters in Nairobi off Langata street. Similarly, Parapet company has additional offices in Mombasa & Kisumu.

Moreover, the parapet is a regionally expanding company with offices in Uganda. Professionally, they deliver domestic and commercial good cleaning services. Other Parapet assistance includes home and office cleaning services.

However, how does parapet cleaning services company demonstrate their professionalism?

Parapet cleaning services come with worth for money. Their cleaning services reach competitive prices across their retail and domestic cleaning services—parapet additionally tailor-makes service packets that assist in meeting the customer’s need.

Shifters and Movers have received many reports of exemplary services from parapet clients as a quality-based moving business. The business has 18 years of experience in providing good cleaning services.

2. Colnet Limited

Cornet is also a top cleaning service provider in Nairobi, Kenya. Moreover, the company provides other benefits that make it competitive among the best cleaning firms in Nairobi, Kenya.

The other services that Colnet delivers beyond cleaning services are waste management, fumigation pest management services, and sanitary services. Colnet has comprehensive experience since 1996, that is 25 years of cleaning venture.

Therefore, the all-around experience comes with a significant advantage in handling quality services to industrial, commercial, and personal home customers. They say you think green, think clean & finally think Colnet.

3. Jaspan Cleaning

Jaspan cleaning is a beautiful cleaning service provider on the seventh floor of the coffee plaza in Nairobi city.

The cleaning assistance that Jasban delivers ranges from sofa cleaning, office cleaning, housekeeping, pest management, and carpet cleaning.

Moreover, the company also offers vehicle cleaning services, which makes it competitive in machinery reached to other best cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya.

Jaspan delivers competitive prices. Moreover, the firm uses eco-friendly chemicals that are not dangerous to you or your environment. Most of our clients we have enquired on the Jasban cleaning services say that the company is trustworthy and professional.

Therefore their heavy focus on quality is one of the excellent services to go for Jasban cleaning services.

4. Smart Cleaning

Innovative cleaning services is a home & office cleaning company in KMA Center Nairobi. The company has mainly specialized in home cleaning assistance, where they groom your seats, carpets, and general furnishings.

This company team is also exemplary in office cleaning services. The dust and guarantee all the office furniture is looking lovely. You give them a dusty property, & they perform competently to provide you with a super-smart product.

They have exemplary cleaning machines and a loyal team leader.

5. Mop and Shine

Mop and Shine are among the well-known and best cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya. They are reliably acceptable, fast, and timely in their works. Several of our shifting and moving customers like and recommend Mop and Shine spirit and the well-trained team of cleaners.

The attractiveness of this company is that it is a component of the Kenya Professional Cleaners Association. A body that supports the cleaning company standards and quality.

Therefore, with Mop & Shine, you receive good regulated benefits beyond the current company registration.

6. Titossy Cleaning Services

Titossy is one of the finest cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya. The company prides itself on delivering corporate cleaning services—reasonable cleaning assistance to both big and small organizations.

Their reliable customers are banks, NGOs, churches, hotels, schools, and commercial facilities. Moreover, Titossy is doing nicely in executive office cleaning, home cleaning assistance, and contractual cleaning.

Try them in washing your carpets, mattress, floors, and post-event stuff cleaning. Titossy entry in events cleaning is a factor that makes it a national brand in the cleaning firm. Their brand is good from our clients’ considerations.

7. Isamado Homecare

Isamado homecare is one of the cleaning businesses in Nairobi, Kenya, specializing in home cleaning assistance.

For instance, they are useful in home and house cleaning, ranging from kitchen, toilets, wall, floor, mirrors, & furniture cleaning services. Similarly, they specialize in outside house cleaning.

This includes waste handling, trash removals, and compound maintenance. Is that not a good specialization? They also offer car cleaning benefits that make the company more competitive in the cleaning space.

8. Jubilant Cleaning Services Company

Jubilant highly-ranking cleaning assistance company. The services company has good communication with its clients. Its relationship with its clients is lovely to find among the competitive cleaning companies.

Above all, the company staff always stand by to offer seamless services to their customers. They typically redo the cleaning service at no extra cost if any customer is not fully satisfied.

Moreover, jubilant cleaning assistance has a sound customer support system and cleaning machines.

Their team, alongside their machines, offers the best quality on any cleaning duties. So do not limit yourself; you will get the most suitable value from Jubilant.

9. Hurricane Services

Hurricane services firm is one of the various cleaning companies in Kenya. This company supplies general cleaning services, among several other benefits.

Such services comprise gardening, building maintenance, waste dumping, pest control, and landscaping.

Above all, hurricane services fall within the top 10 most helpful cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya because of the grade in diversity. In addition, hurricane company delivers the best quality in each of its service components.

For instance, their adventure and reliability are among the good elements that maintain them. In addition, our survey from our shared clientele base shows the business is competitively doing well in providing customer-oriented services.

10. Blissful Cleaning Kenya

Like the name states, blissful is a bright cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya. They say, ‘we wash it, and you love it. So catchy!

Over time, this cleaning service business has stamped its authority in the cleaning industry. They also have a good and clean standing from old customers.

Over time, Bliss cleaning Kenya has a proper management team that scales the company in comprehensive home cleaning services.

Their cleaning services vary from kitchen cleaning, wall, furniture, bedrooms, mattresses, & washrooms. In addition, they clean dresses professionally and do it at the right time. Bliss is also a good office cleaning firm that sustains and cleans commercial facilities.

Surprisingly, the company delivers post-service advice to its clients. Such advice ranges from maintaining the cleaned properties such as seats or any other stuff.

The company is just particular in cleaning.

Guiding Markers to Mind While Choosing the Best Cleaning Company

In confirming you get the best out of the above list, we give you a list of critical markers to observe while completing your choice. Moreover, these elements prove that the intention of your cleaning company is competitive, professional, and earnest about their work.

Some minor and extra features signify a proper structure of a leading cleaning company. Thus, look out for the following markers to get the best cleaning business.

  • Website

A website is an essential device in every good & serious business. There is no way you will be a reasonable driver, and you do not drive a car. A good website is a suitable car that drives the good products or services you deliver to the market.

Good services are well sold through great appealing websites.

A good cleaning service firm must have an essential portfolio of a website. The website offers the company’s services. Such basic services comprise home cleaning services and office cleaning services.

It is not negotiable, and a good cleaning service company must have a competitive website.

If you are earnest about marketing your reasonable assistance, you should be equally profound about having a good website.

Check out the website of per of your cleaning company’s choices. The better it is, the excellent taste your cleaner has in providing good cleaning services.

Corporate Email

Have you seen a big business that purely relies on a current email address?

It is not harmful to have a Gmail, Yahoo, or any other current email. However, a severe company does also have a corporate email. Examples of corporate emails are [email protected], [email protected], etc.

A corporate email shows the level of commitment to that business. For example, the best cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya, have their authorized corporate email.

In your choice of the best headquarters cleaning Services Company, ensure they have an authorized email that is responsive.

Brand Authenticity

Every best-performing cleaning assistance company in Nairobi, Kenya, has a great brand impression. Brand authenticity is the greatest cleaning company in Nairobi, Kenya, has a good logo and brand color.

How good would you handle if your cleaning agent comes to pick and drop your lawsuit or far coat in a well-branded uniform?

Notably, any office cleaning business should have an outstanding brand appearance.

It shows earnestness and commitment to the business. Thus, ensure the company you pick has a brand logo and brand colors. Colors can easily be spotted in offices, websites, and in their uniforms.

We all understand the brand logo and colors for google, amazon, and Safaricom exemplary here in Nairobi. It shows their genuineness and essential seriousness.

Time Management

Every home cleaning Assistance Company and office cleaning company must be good at time management. Time management begins from how long the company responds to your email.

It further proceeds to how well they keep their time supplying good results.

The best cleaning firms in Nairobi, Kenya, keep their word on time. Therefore, confirm your choice of cleaning service firm knows how to save time. That is from the instant you write an email, call, & the time they take to finish to deliver your service.


How does your cleaning company’s client service respond to your call?

Do they display like they are in a bar? Do they hold direct talks or talk all over to have your funds?

A good cleaning company’s client service should be professional.

Professionalism from how they acquire your call, how they talk, and how they finish the call. Moreover, professionalism can be noticed in how assertive they offer what you want.

Do not just pick a firm in the above list of cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya, just because they compel to deliver what they do.

Let them present the best of what you are seeking. Professionalism meets the client’s needs in the most straightforward and best style to their satisfaction.

For specifics, regard the East Africa Clean Expo.

Additional prices that you must Note from Cleaning Companies

Some cleaning businesses in Nairobi and worldwide charge extra for certain additional services. Different services are not essential in expansion but ancillary to the cleaning assistance package.

Nevertheless, some additional services should be disclosed in your parcel price. Anyway, the rogue briefcase cleaning businesses only after your cash hide such extra charges. Therefore, some of the additional costs you may find yourself spending for your cleaning include;

Pickup and Delivery fee

As a consumer looking out for the most suitable cleaning services, beware of pick up and delivery fees.

Some good cleaning businesses in Nairobi, Kenya, provide free pick up and delivery services. Likewise, other companies will ask you to pay if you need your suit clean and supplied to your home.

A home that is presumably far away from the city. Just be aware &ask if there are any additional delivery charges. Nevertheless, be courteous if you want your clothes, mattress, or other stuff cleaned far away from your home. Let clarity to be mutual.

Special Handling fee

Most of the top cleaning firms in Kenya offer special handling services. This could be the precise handling of certain products like far coats, carpets, glassware, and such capability.

If anything needs special handling, ask if you will be charged the special handling fee. If the special handling cost is worth it, enjoy it and pay. Similarly, seek another cleaning company if you feel it is not worth it. Check out for the value.

Special Attendance Services

A particular attendance service cost is a fee that certain commercial buildings need. For example, skyscrapers require special machinery to clean the high windows. Besides, you may find yourself paying more to clean specific chemical and industrial covers that require special services and skills.

Consult and check the machinery you require in offering your office cleaning services.

Cleaning Services Charges

Some of the expenses, as discussed above, should be transparent. However, various companies charge different prices for different cleaning services. However, as we always say in our relocation and housing costs, always go for value, not price.

Cheap does not mean good, and sound doesn’t mean costly. Know what value your assistance comes with.


In conclusion, the best and guiding cleaning companies in Nairobi, Kenya, offer incredible assistance. Despite the differences in quality and worth, you deserve to get the finest.

The best cleaning firm in the above list should meet your need and not their wish. We have done our most OK and wish you the best in selecting your best cleaning firm.

Let us know your best and most harmful cleaning company, and we will do our analysis to help other people.

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We list rental and for sale cottages for you to see and choose from your comfort without moving up and down. But then, we finally move you in professionally. We are Shifters and Movers.



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