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The Best Jewelry Shops in Kenya

The Best Jewelry Stores in Kenya

Jewelry Stores Jewelry Contact Location
Little Jewellers Silver wedding and engagement ringsAnklets


[email protected]+254 704 878717/ +254 726 815372 Nanak House, Kimathi Street, Nairobi
Sally Dudmesh EarringsNecklaces


+254 720 718306  70 Dagoretti Rd, Karen, Nairobi
Lavanderia Jewels Engagement ringsWedding bands


[email protected]+254 722 117527 Tembo Co-op House, Moi Avenue, Nairobi
Nagin Pattni Wedding and engagement ringsWatches [email protected]+254 772 232800 Kaunda Street, Nairobi
Taj Jewellers Gemstone jewelryCustom-made jewelry [email protected]+254 722 847868 Toe Rivers Mall, Mombasa
Goldiam Jewellers WatchesGold and silver jewelry [email protected]+254 20 2711722 Yaya Centre, Hurlingham, Nairobi
Adele Dejak Ear cuffsBracelets


[email protected]+254 737 253862 Village Market, Nairobi
Kennedy’s International Jewelry Ltd Wedding and engagement ringsAnniversary gifts [email protected]+254 722 510964 Laico Regency Hotel, Nairobi
Zaveri’s Jewellers TungstenEarrings


[email protected]+254 701 442434 Jimkan House, Westlands, Nairobi
Rajshyn Jewellers Wedding/engagement rings [email protected] wedding/engagement rings Standard Street Nairobi

Jewelry is attractive and makes you look gorgeous. Besides, expensive pieces of jewelry are a symbol of wealth. You can model gold, silver, diamond, or bronze jewelry. Nevertheless, the process of buying quality ones can be a hassle. Therefore, working with jewelry stores that sell the best is essential.

Some people have landed in the of conmen’s hands who sell fake jewelry. To avoid such disappointments, stay adjusted. This article will know the best jewelry shops in Kenya to buy your favorites that match your clothes.

1. Little Jewellers

Little Jewellers deals 92.5% sterling silver jewelry. You can obtain silver wedding rings, engagement rings, anklets, earrings, bracelets, trinkets, and silver necklaces. Similarly, you can purchase from their online jewelry shop or visit them at Nanak House, Kimathi Street in Nairobi.

One of the Kenya jewelers caters to your impending engagement party requirements. This is since it has a sparkling and glossy round engagement ring for Ksh. 2,500. For females, you can get a stunning aquamarine necklace charged at Ksh. 3,500.

2. Sally Dudmesh Jewelry Store

Do you love handcrafted jewelry? If yes, Sally Dudmesh has to be your jewelry shop. It provides jewelry made of silver, antediluvians, gold, and gemstones. Sally, the proprietor, has made jewelry since she was thirteen years. Therefore, quality gems that you can wish to hand down to your children are an assurance.

You can buy earrings, cufflinks, necklaces, rings, bracelets, & belts from Sally Dudmesh’s store. When it comes to earrings, the shop has different designs to cover the flavor of everyone. You can have hoops, wilder collections, ocean supplies, or nature collections.

3. Lavanderia Jewellers

It is one of the most suitable jewelry shops in Nairobi, Kenya. You obtain all kinds of jewelry and watches developed with quality and durability. For your bridal, cocktail, arrangement, and wedding jewelry need, Lavanderia has got you.

You can buy from their online store or visit them at Tembo Co-op House along Moi Avenue in Nairobi. You can obtain yourself or your loved one’s bracelets, rings, pendants, earrings, chains, watches, & men’s accessories from the jewelry store.

4. Nagin Pattni Jewelry Store 

The jewelry store was founded in 1969 in Nairobi, Kenya. It has departments at Thika Road Mall, River road, Lavington Mall, & Kaunda Street. You can obtain quality wedding/ engagement rings & watches. Besides, it provides supply & printing of wedding cards.

Nagin Pattni elegant 9kt gold marriage ring prices start from Ksh. 22,000, and you find them at River road, TRM, and Kaunda street departments. They come with different opportunities and can also wear as engagement and friendship/ promissory rings.

5. Taj Jewellers

Taj jewelers have 40 years of adventure in jewelry sales. It began humbly in the Old town of Mombasa at Two Rivers Mall. So if you are looking for marriage and engagement rings, gemstone jewelry, flexible gemstones, and Tanzanites, Taj is the site.

The jewelry shop has skilled and experienced artisans who furnish custom-made jewelry in Kenya. This is because each piece of jewelry at the Taj is an art. It is fantastic and made with professionalism.

6. Goldiam Jewellers

It is a jewelry store found at Yaya Centre, Hurlingham, in Nairobi. It caters to all your Tanzanites, emeralds & sapphires, tsavorites, diamonds, and all semi precious gemstone jewelry markets. The pieces of jewelry are available in all shapes & sizes.

If you are examining for unique designs for silver and gold jewelry, Gemstones, & watches, Goldiam cares for you. Besides, the jewelry store offers crazy bargains on seasons such as Valentine’s and Christmas. Finally, the Goldiam shop is open from 9.30 am to 8.00 pm.

7. Adele Dejak Jewelry Store

It is one of the online jewelry stores in Kenya. You can get contemporary, artistic, & wearable rings, bracelets, bags, necklaces & earrings, and some home decoration items. The jewelry supply shop is at Village Market in Nairobi.

Adele Dejak enables the African culture, and the products come from materials used by various African tribes to create their ornaments and trinkets. Lastly, the jewelry shop’s earring prices range between Ksh. 2,500-Ksh. 8,500.

8. The Kennedy’s International Jewellery Ltd

It is one of the marriage rings shops in Nairobi, Kenya. It provides all types of engagement & wedding rings, anniversary gifts, and various extraordinary occasion jewelry.

One of the amazing products you can get from this jewelry shop is a double-sided wedding ring. Moreover, all the rings are unique and come with diamond, gold, or halo materials. You can visit their store to order your design.

9. Zaveri’s Jewellers

Zaveri’s began in 1994 in Nairobi, Kenya, and over the years, they have served their customers with the best jewelry. If you are looking for a pure gold engagement or marriage ring price in Kenya that is affordable, Zaveri’s has got you. It guarantees you get your taste at a pocket-friendly price.

Besides, you can buy a variety of gold, precious and semi-precious, pearl, and silver jewelry at Zaveri’s. If you want your products provided to your doorstep, the jewelry store will accomplish it in two days after the receipt.

10. Rajshyn Jewellers

Rajshyn jewelers is a jewelry company with over 40 years of existence. It has three showrooms at Lonrho House Standard Street, Garden City Mall, & Prestige Plaza in Nairobi, where you can find different jewelry.

Also, Rajshyn crafts the jewelry, and the experts do jewelry repair works. Their shops are available from Monday to Sunday between 11.00 am to 7.30 pm. Lastly, the jewelry shop won the wedding ring & jewelry retailer award in the Kenya Wedding awards 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Jewelry Stores in Kenya

How should I keep my jewelry?

It is essential to keep your jewelry with a lot of consideration to avoid tarnishing. First, store your flimsy jewelry in a dark, dry place. The felt helps to absorb moisture and discourage premature tarnishing. Also, you can keep your jewelry covered in silver polishing to avoid exposure to the air.

How do I clean my jewelry?                                                                    

Jewelry gets crud, and hence it is vital to clean them regularly. For a simple home wash, mix a soft soap with warm water. Then, soak your jewelry such as a wedding ring or chain for about five minutes and scrub using s soft-bristled toothbrush to gently clean behind rocks or settings—lastly, air dry and complete with a polishing cloth. Avoid washing your jewelry with chemicals as it may vandalize some stones.

How do I attract customers to my jewelry store in Kenya?                                               

A jewelry store can profit you when you know the trick of handling your customers. Once a customer shows up at your jewelry store, accommodate them warmly. Be willing to deliver all the help they need to purchase the appropriate jewelry. For instance, if a customer wants an engagement ring, help them in finding the right size. They will come back again or guide their friends.



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