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The Top 10 Highly Paid Company CEO’s In Kenya 2022

A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the most highest-ranking individual in a company. They are liable for taking and making managerial decisions. It, therefore, runs without saying that this person automatically obtains the highest pay in the company’s workers’ category.

A CEO is or is not the proprietor of the company. Kenya has a suitable digit of Company CEOs draping in good richness. Below is a list of the top 10 most elevated or Best paid Company CEO’s in Kenya 2022:

          1. Gideon Muriuki CEO Co-operative Bank

Mr. Gideon Muriuki is CEO of the Cooperative Bank of Kenya. He is the leading among the highest-paid company CEO’s in Kenya, taking home almost Kshs. 31.37 million each month, translating to his KES. 376.5 million yearly salaries. His earnings include compensation of about Kshs. 105 million-plus a premium of a whooping Kshs. 271 million.

         2. Joshua Oigara CEO Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)

Joshua Oigara, CEO OF KCB Bank of Kenya, is the 2nd highest paid CEO of Kenya with a monthly wage of about Kshs. 22.75 million. This translates to about Kshs. 273 million yearly pay. His remuneration contains a salary of Kshs. 68 million, Kshs. Ten million allocations, Kshs. 14million bonus, Kshs. One hundred eighty million gratuities and Kshs. One million worth of non-cash advantages.

          3. Andrew Cowan CEO East African Breweries Limited (EABL)

He is the director & CEO of East Africa Breweries Limited. Andrew Cowan takes home almost Kshs. 9.67 million every month, he is totaling an annual salary of Kshs. 116 million.

           4. Peter Ndengwa CEO Safaricom

This 50-year-old is the present CEO of Safaricom, the largest telecommunications company in East Africa. He took this position after the passing on of the ex CEO, Bob Collymore. Michael Joseph had been selected as the interim CEO before he was chosen in October 2019. He earns almost Kshs. Nine million every month, summarizing to around Kshs. 108 annual salary.

           5. Allan Kilavuka CEO Kenya Airways (KQ)

He is the CEO of Kenya Airways. Mbuvi Gunze earns about Kshs. 8.5 million per month. This translates to Kshs. 102 million yearly salaries.

           6. Jeremy Awori CEO ABSA (Formerly Barclays Bank)

Absa (previously. Barclays Bank) has been on a continuous growth curve for a while. The present CEO earns a monthly salary of around Kshs. 8.43 million, translating to almost Kshs. 101.2 million yearly salaries. His remuneration includes Kshs. 34.3 million wages, cash gratuity award of ksh.24.7 million, deferred cash, and a share value plan worth Kshs. 12.5 million and allowances and other benefits worth Kshs. 29.8 million.

          7. Benson Wairegi CEO Britam

Benson Wairegi, CEO of BRITAM Insurance Company, attains about Kshs. 6.8 million per month. This translates to about Kshs. 81.7 million every year. He receives a salary of Kshs. 63.2 million, a gratuity of Kshs. 17.1 million and non-cash advantages of Kshs. 1.2 million as remuneration.

          8. James Mwangi CEO Equity Bank

Mr. James Mwangi, CEO of Equity Bank, makes a monthly salary of about Kshs. 5.042 million. This summarizes an annual salary of Kshs. 60.5 million. Earnings include a stipend of Kshs. 56.73 every year and an allowance of Kshs.3.744 million. James Mwangi also controls a picket of 5.52% at Equity Group Holdings that holds the bank.

           9. Beverley Spencer Obatoyinbo CEO BATK

She happens to appear as the first female CEO on this list, making her the highest-paid lady CEO in Kenya at this point. Beverley was selected as the Managing Director and CEO at the British American Tobacco Kenya in early May 2017, a position that she has played so well up to date. She merits a monthly salary of about ksh.5 million, summarizing an annual wage of ksh.60 million.

        10. James Mworia CEO Centum

Mr. James Mworia is a 42-year-old CEO of Centum. He earns a monthly salary of Kshs. 3.75 million every month, he is translating to about Kshs. 45 million every year.



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