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The Very Best Estates In Kisumu Where The Rich Live & Cost Of Land

Kisumu is leading the most pristine county in Kenya thanks to the present Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o. The county often draws local and international tourists who largely visit the lakeside and enjoy fresh fish treats. Kisumu’s real estate sector is roaring with developments coming up on a massive scale. This article looks at the top luxury estates in the city. These estates are where the rich people dwell and offer excellent investment opportunities.

Milimani Estate

Milimani Estate is a luxury estate away from the bustle of the Central Business District and is located adjacent to Lake Victoria. The inhabitants of the leafy estate relish the sunrise and sunset view over the lake. Apart from its panoramic value, Milimani estate is a safe place fully serviced with extras that make it one of the luxurious estates in Kisumu. Apartments in the estate are esteemed at an average of Ksh16,000,000 for a three-bedroom apartment. For rental objectives, the monthly prices vary from Ksh 50,000 to200,000 depending on the type of possessions rented.

Mountain View Estate

Mountain View Estate makes the checklist of top luxurious estates in Kisumu and is preferred by the rich. The estate is found away from the central business district, delivering a calm atmosphere. The estate is impeccably upheld with easy access to necessary amenities, top security, electricity & fresh air. However, the estate is not efficiently accessible by public transportation & this might be one of the explanations why it is known as the rich man’s estate. The apartments are all impeccably scheduled with intricate features. Buying a three bedroom apartment in the estate costs approximate Ksh 14,000,000.

Riat Hills Estate

As the name implies, Riat Hills estate is strategically found giving a view of the Riat hills. The hills control the attention of tourists locally and internationally, being honored as one of the must-visit places while in the city. The villa is located along Kakamega road and is one of the finest estates to live in. The area has top safety systems for safety, amenities and panoramic views. Inhabitants of the estate have described their stay as being perfect and would recommend the estate to new residents. A three bedroom flat in the estate goes for an standard of Ksh 19,000,000- Ksh 20,000,000.

Mamboleo Estate

Mamboleo Estate is encountered along the Kisumu-Kakamega road and attracts the residence of wealthy individuals in the area. The estate is actually run and maintained by administration who ensure that residents have all their needs and have their complaints addressed within a short time. The estate has various apartments that sell to multiple people. The estate also has playing pastures for the children who get to have room to play. Purchasing a three-bedroom apartment in the estate costs approximate Ksh 16,000,000.

Migosi Estate

Migosi Estate rates as one of the top luxurious estates in Kisumu. Being merely ten minutes away from the world’s second-largest freshwater lake, Migosi estate is an amazing choice for purchasing a home. In addition, the estate is located a few minutes from the Migosi sub-county Referral Hospital. It is also adequately serviced with high-quality social amenities and security services are kept fully functional. A three bedroom flat in Migosi estate costs approximate Ksh 20,000,000.



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