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Top 10 best Lucrative Agriculture Business Ideas in Kenya

From cultivating your food to selling it commercially, you can make a massive distinction in this sector by embracing some of these ten farming business ideas that are evolving increasingly popular.

Both small and large-scale agriculturalists are reaping from the usefulness of these business ideas that get them double incomes or even full-time employment.
Agriculture is now believed to be one of the numerous lucrative business ideas. Many business prospects are also available in this sector, including developing self-sufficient societies.

Top 10 Lucrative Agriculture Business Ideas in Kenya.

You can fast turn your agricultural assets into money-making enterprise ideas. For instance, you can lease out your lands to farmers ready to plant crops and then sell these crops in the available market.
You can also work with other companies to market their products locally.
The following business ideas do not need a person to own a piece of land to start a thriving agricultural business.

Selling Farm Products

You can market your farm produce in the local market via roadside stalls, farmer’s markets, or community-supported agriculture schedules to become one of the most prosperous agricultural business ideas to transform the rural economy.
It is best to focus on introductory crops and diversify into processing, packaging, and allocation activities.
You can sell farm-fresh foodstuffs from your yard or a companion to add to the income generated from the other business opportunities.

Farmland for Lease

If you do not like to run a full-scale business, you can evolve a landowner who allows others to use it for farming activities.
This would allow you to profit from this agricultural business idea while you look for other options.
If you have a big piece of land, you could even generate a passive income by renting it out to others ready to plant and harvest crops on the ground.

Crop Consultancy

You can also make money from farming through crop consultancy. This would be one of the best farming business ideas presently in demand.
You can open a consultancy to support other farmers with farming practices, including fertilizer application, water control, protecting crops from pests and infections, etc.

A good advisor should have a good deal of their crop and how it grows. This would give them the knowledge to inform farmers on how best to use their resources to get the most increased yields at a minimal cost.

Selling or Leasing of Farm Equipment

To provide high productivity, you will need specialized tools for different tasks in farming movements.
You can sell your utilized farm machinery in the following ways to help from this agricultural business idea.
Sell them locally via ads or physically display them in a property sale.
You can take out advertisings in trade magazines and newspapers to sell your equipment.
You can also close farm equipment vendors and sell them via auctions or at a lower price than the seller’s asking price to satisfy this agricultural business idea.

Agriculture Business Ideas – Selling Sources

You can earn additional income by selling seeds for saleable farming activities on the side.
Farmers usually buy their seeds because it is costly to buy sufficiently seeds for an entire farm.
You can buy the latest seeds from seed companies and then resell them to other farmers at discounted costs.
If you also know how to grow and maintain crops, you could supply these services and sell the seeds to profit from this agricultural enterprise idea.

Supply Farming

Growers usually do not have sufficiently resources to conduct contract farming activities independently.
They can benefit from this farming business idea by forming partnerships with other farmers and leading contracting activities jointly.
Under this arrangement, you would be accountable for growing the crop and selling it at a more elevated rate than you could get if you sold them as raw produce.
The other grower would be responsible for harvesting and processing actions to ensure that the product is not demolished.
You can help from this farming business idea by doing one or more of the following actions:
You could sell your products straight to the end-consumer through vending machines found in public places, plus schools and colleges.
Selling farm produce at farmers’ needs has become increasingly prevalent for businesses to reach out to consumers directly.
You can also decide to sell your produce at a wholesale rank and supply it to major vendors and restaurants to resell the product.
This would need you to be well connected with larger supermarkets and eateries.

Food processing and packaging

You can process and package farm vegetables using the latest equipment and then sell it to lunchrooms and supermarkets.
This would need you to be well equipped with the required machinery, such as shredders, baking ovens, high-speed blenders, juicers, etc.
You would also need to invest in proper facilities for storage and distribution.
It is also important to have a marketing strategy to sell your products.
You can profit from this agricultural business idea by accomplishing one or more of the following actions:
Selling farm produce by putting up a booth at a farmers’ market. This will help you get out directly to customers and build a trademark for your product.
You can also decide to pack and sell the development to individual customers in less quantities at a more elevated price.
Packaging your creations under a private label will allow you to distinguish them from rivals and charge a premium price for your brand.
This is an excellent farming business idea if you have powerful marketing skills and create a brand for yourself.
You can also decide to sell your outcomes at wholesale prices to understand that the buyer will resell them.

Farm Transportation

The market for farm produce is usually high in municipalities and far-flung rural areas.
You can profit from this agricultural business idea by providing a service to transport crops from farms to these distant locations.
This can be accomplished through rail, road, or air, relying on the type of transportation aptitudes available where you are working.
You will need to invest in proper equipment and choose a vehicle that efficiently assumes out several trips.
You will also require to hire staff with relevant capabilities, such as a commercial driver’s license for road transport.
Creating a website and an online dealing strategy will help you reach out directly to clients located anywhere in the country.

Agribusiness Training

You can set up a exercise center for imparting farming skills to farmers and farm laborers.
You will need to appoint competent instructors, purchase the necessary equipment and advertise your business via website/ local newspapers.
Providing an online exercise facility is another practical way of reaching out to clients spread across the country.
Setting up a farm produce website will allow you reach potential customers directly and build brand awareness for your product. You can then choose to sell them via your site or elsewhere.
This is an excellent agricultural firm idea if you have expertise in this field and strong marketing skills to create customer relationships.

Agro-processing Business Ideas

One of the most promising agricultural business ideas is putting up an agro-processing plant to process fruits and vegetables for saleable purposes.
You can buy fresh vegetables from farmers and use it as natural materials for processing into value-added yields such as juices, canned fruits, vegetables, jams, fruit preserves, etc.
There is also a 100% ROI if you could market these products directly to supermarkets or retail chains in your location that need them for their businesses.
You can even target distinct areas with a high population of individuals from different ethnic backgrounds to produce interests that cater to their tastes and choices.

Exportation of Agricultural Products

If you are from in a country where the weather is suitable for growing crops, it will be good to export them to foreign nations in return for money or other products.
You can choose to export farming produce by road/rail/air or in containers in larger quantities relying on the destination and your budget.
Putting up an online website will be helpful to showcase your products and create brand cognition for them.
If you have the required expertise, you can also export organic vegetables. This is an excellent farming business idea if you know international market needs and have contacts within foreign markets for exporting goods globally.
You can set up a processing department at your farm to produce value-added products from agrarian produce.
You can save on the charges and charges levied by middle men or agents if you process your goods.
This also helps gain a competitive benefit over other farmers selling their products to traders for low costs.
You will need to hire professionals with relevant qualifications for this purpose, along with the required equipment and machinery.
You can set up one of the most famous agricultural business ideas by taking advantage of growing interest in health and wellness across the country.
In conclusion, there are numerous lucrative agriculture business concepts you can think of and startups. So, start researching, creating a plan, and taking action today!



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