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Top 10 Registered Stockbrokers in Kenya 2022

We have a list of documented agencies that serve as stockbrokers in Kenya who trade claims on behalf of their clients. As you all know, stock-brokers, also known as stake brokers, buy and sell shares and protection to clients.

Typically, their role is to examine stock performance and trends, then advise clients on what actions to take.

While you can exchange without having brokers, they will converse about the stock markets and market conditions. They make stock trading easy for you.

NSE Kenya- List of Registered Stockbrokers in Kenya

Roles of Stockbrokers in Kenya

  • They provide acquisition advice to clients
  • Analyze the status of the economic markets and inform the client
  • Managing clients’ assets portfolio
  • Identifying new prospects the client can venture into.

Stockbrokers in Kenya include:

1.ABC Bank Limited

ABC capital Limited was founded in Kenya in 1954 and is an identified member of the Nairobi stocks exchange. The bank is one of the top stock brokerage firms in East Africa.

The brokerage arm of the ABC bank delivers financial solutions to individual customers and organizations. They are providing accurate, relevant, and timely information on the stock market arrangement.

ABC bank has highly experienced capital managers who emphasize customers’ goals and risk appetite.

The team offers comprehensive research reports capturing the larger global, regional, and macroeconomic capital demands.

2. Suntra Investment Bank Limited

The bank is a precisely registered stockbroker in Kenya controlled by the Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE). The bank has been supplying brokerage services since 1990 when it was incorporated.

It is among the highest stock brokers in Kenya; it is the adviser and stockbroker in many public offerings, personal placement of shares and bonds by the government, and different companies.

The broker has a history of helping companies in raising money in the Capital markets via debt and equity.

Which has provided a possibility for the company to understand the capital demands fully?

The company has in the past helped Barclays to raise Capital through the bond issue of around Ksh 3 billion.

3. Apex Africa Capital Limited

Previously Africa Investment bank was a licensed partner of the NSE and the Capital markets Authority. The firm is one of the highest brokerage facilities in the country.

The bank presents stock brokerage, portfolio administration, research, and corporate finance to its customers.

The bank is also a companion of the Central bank of Kenya, the Capital Markets Authority, the Kenya Revenue Authority, the NSE, and the Central Depository & Settlement Corporation.

Its target clients are investors and individuals seeking to improve the financial sector. The bank focuses on leveraging its benefits to capitalize on the East African region.

4. AIB Capital

Previously the African Investment Bank, AIB was a licensed partner of the Nairobi Securities Exchange and the Capital Markets Authority.

The firm delivers services to high-net worth individuals. It decides on behalf of the clients on the best acquisition considerations.

The company hires in bonds, stock brokerage, and corporate finance advisory. It serves the vast East African market.

The firm prides itself on achieving customer trading needs with transparency, freedom, and confidentiality.

5. NCBA Capital Limited

The group is a financial assistance provider with headquarters in Nairobi. The bank has entire processes in East Africa in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.

NCBA Securities is possessed by NCBA Capital Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NCBA.

The bank looks to supply investors with a safe platform to partake in a diversified array of acquisitions in the equities and bond markets to help investors to meet their return objectives.

6. Genghis Capital Ltd

The banks operate as one of the investment banks in Kenya. Its benefits include protection trading, research, capital management, investment advisory, and corporate finance.

Genghis capital delivers customer-oriented research that extensively helps them in determining customer needs.

It offers a connection brokerage whereby the benefit delivered is driven by the power of the relationship between the customer and the broker.

Their benefits range from stock brokerage and equities trading, fixed revenue bonds trading, over-the-counter trading or OTC, Agency network, and personal wealth.

The firm succeeds in providing clients with pace developments on the share markets via research and technology expertise.

The company maintains a significant position in the set market income market at the NSE.

It offers its customers discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio administration services as value-added assistance purely dependent on customer preference.

Genghis capital has agents in Kenya in Nairobi, Thika, Makueni, Nyeri, Kisumu, Mombasa and Kinangop, and also in Kampala.

7. KCB Capital Group

It is a subordinate of the KCB Bank Group. Its key roles are to help corporate customers manage their wealth and resources more profitably.

They offer advisory assistance to clients on a day-to-day basis to help clients stay true to their course.

KCB Capital Group has stood licensed by the Capital demands Authority and the NSE since 2014. The group emphasizes providing unique strategic and economic advice to clients.

As well as encounter the growing dynamics of the institutions, individual clients, and states across the sectors they serve in.

Their products maximize and safeguard the client and shareholder value through proactive administration and strategic partnerships.

8. Kingdom Securities Limited

Kingdom Securities Limited is an associate of the Cooperative bank. The NSE permits the bank. Its stock brokerage arm helps firms seeking to raise Capital via the stock market.

It specializes in assisting both governments and corporate clients raise debt capital by acting as the station agent. The services include equity and set trading and transfer immobilization.

The bank offers masterful research and up-to-date stock prices to its clients, thus guaranteeing they make the right investment decisions.

9. Standard Investment Bank

The standard asset bank is one of the pioneer stockbrokers in Kenya. The bank presents a single point of entry for investment banking, safeties trading, and investment administration.

It includes an established African sight. The bank offers an imaginative approach to solutions, whereas it creates financial solutions to help you realize new opportunities.

The bank puffs of a market-leading pan African team that is fully dedicated to providing client-centered advice.

Besides, it also offers mergers and investments, crosses border transactions, corporate restructuring, & shareholder exits, among others.

10. Dyer and Blair Investment Bank

Dyer and Blair’s bank is a market frontiersperson established in the year 1954. The bank serves as a critical industry player in transforming the local and regional market.

The bank offers advisory duties through banking experts across the region. They offer their advisory assistance to financial institutions, agribusiness, utilities, telecommunications, etc…

Via their brokerage arm, the bank conducts transactions on behalf of their clients across set income capital demands and equity across the East African Region.

The bank provides commerce from non-listed securities via an over-the-counter trading arm.

Under equity trading, the bank delivers access to listed stock for both local and foreign investors. They also regulate a significant market share via the retail investor base.

Under set income, the bank transacts restricted income capital market on behalf of its clients trading in corporate and governance issues.

Stockbrokers in Kenya: Conclusion

While stock brokerage ordinarily implicates trading shares and securities on behalf of clients, the stock demand is quite tricky.

If you miss exploring the best stock brokerage company, you will probably encounter failures or thin profit margins.

Good stockbrokers should go beyond just trading proposal extensive stock markets and market trends.

Also, before you capitalize on the need, you must know the risks in the market. Below is an illustration of the risks you ought to consider as an investor:

  • liquidity risks
  •  Credit risk
  • inflation risk
  • Market risk
  • Reinvestment risk, among others.


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