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Top 10 Richest Families in Kenya and Their Net worth 2021/2022

The primary way to note down worth in one family is to realize that if they ceased working today, they have enough to keep 5 to 6 eras down the line in good shape. Most of them are currently relishing the fruits of their forefathers who worked almost 80 years ago. This is the case with most of the lineages that we will list. Below is a list of the top 10 wealthiest families in Kenya & their net worth 2022.

The Daniel Arap Moi Family

This family is the wealthiest in Kenya and West and Central Africa. They have their worth and investment projects spread neatly across the globe. They are the second-largest landowners in Kenya after the Kenyatta Family.
Some of their investments enclose Safariland club, Asian roses, Concord Holdings, Giro Bank, Reagent Management, Mugoya Constructions, Kabarak University & Moi High school to name a few. This makes the Moi family among the wealthiest families in Kenya. Their net worth is roughly $3.5 billion.

The Kenyatta Family

This is the family of the foremost president of the Republic of Kenya. They are the largest landowners in Kenya. They have considerable investments in Germany, the United States, and France. Some of the firms they own include Brookside, Commercial Bank of Africa, Village Market & Peponi school. However, the list is unlimited. This family’s net worth is roughly $ 3 billion.

The Manu Chandaria Family

This family’s wealth picked up from a small store investment in mid-1916. The store has grown massively over the years to the present day Comicraft company, an Aluminium ware exhibition company. As a result, the family’s wealth has increased, and they have now invested widely in many sectors of the economy, hiring over 45,000 people in four different continents. The family is also comprehended to have a good heart since they launched the Chandaria Foundation. Its net worth is roughly $2.8 billion.

Nicholas Biwott Family

Nicholas Biwott is one extremely hardworking entrepreneur. The family has heavily invested in real estate, entrepreneurship, tourism, and mining. The family has a big ranch in Australia & the largest hostels in Israel. They also own Yaya Centre & Livia Limited. The family’s net worth is roughly $2.3 billion.

The Raila Odinga Family

This family can widely invest in different economic sectors such as real estate and tourism. Some of their businesses include the Pan African Petroleum Industrial Services Limited & the East Africa Spectre Limited. Their net worth is roughly $2.3 billion.

The Charles Njonjo Family

Charles Njonjo is a retired Attorney General of Kenya. His acquisitions include CFC Stanbic Bank, Sankara, Barclay’s Bank, CMC Holdings & Alico Insurance. The family’s net worth is roughly $1.8 billion.

The Joshua Kulei Family

He was Moi’s Attendant. His investments include Ngata Flowers farm, Sian Roses, CFC Bank, Trade World Kenya & Bamburi Cement. The family’s net worth is roughly $1.5 billion.
The Simeon Nyachae Family
This family owns the biggest ranch in Australia. They have widely invested in different sectors such as agriculture, banking, insurance & transport. Its net worth is roughly $1.3 billion.

Phillip Ndengwa’s Family

This family has widely subsidized in agriculture, industry, banking & transport. Its net worth is roughly $1.2 billion.

S.K. Macharia Family

S.K. Macharia is a businessman who has widely funded in sectors such as transport, banking, telecommunication, & real estate. The family’s net worth is about $1.15 billion.



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