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Top 10 Worst Matatu Saccos in Kenya

The messy matatu industry employs thousands of preadolescence in Kenya, both straight and indirectly. But, unfortunately, efforts to bring sanity to the sector have mainly remained ineffective. Save for the now struggling Double M, most public assistance vehicles (PSVs) are characterized by reckless drivers who ignore all traffic rules with abandon and conductors who lack basic client care skills when negotiating with passengers.
This report takes a look at the ten worst matatu Saccos in Kenya.

Zamzam Sacco

These buses rate high among the most destructive driven in Kenya. They block roads disturbing other road users and drive the buses at breakneck paces. The sacco hit the headlines in mid-2018 when two of their touts were blamed of murder after allegedly pushing out 21-year-old Nairobi Institute of Business Studies (NIBS) scholar Doreen Kinya from one of their over-spending buses. A dispute originated after she complained of being driven past where she was to descend.
In yet another happening in 2019, a bus belonging to the Sacco tossed out 25-year-old Gerald Kimondo Wachira ushering to his untimely death.

Kenya Mpya

The Sacco works buses on Thika road and currently along Kangundo road. They have been formerly ranked among the worst due to their careless driving and their involvement in many accidents. They are known for overspeeding along Thika Superhighway and lacking courtesy
In December 2017/ January 2018, the fleet of buses generated several accidents prompting the government to intimidate them with a ban.

Ongata Line

The matatus on this line are often ranked as the coolest because of their loud music and how they are ‘pimped’. But, that aside, the matatus are uncontrolled and are the pioneers of CBD Matatu frenzy.


These matatus are understood as pioneers of the modern Matatu culture. They are, however, well-known for ignoring traffic rules by overspeeding and recklessly overtaking vehicles. As a consequence, they have also been involved in multiple accidents that could have been bypassed.
In 2013, the Matatu Welfare Association sustained the government’s decision to cancel the Sacco’s performing license after their bus was concerned in a fatal accident and left many wounded.

In 2019, NTSA discontinued the driving license of one of Ummoiner Sacco matatu drivers behind a viral video of careless driving. The matatu was seen recklessly overtaking and closely hitting a boda boda rider in the video.


Many Kenyans in 2014 criticized this Sacco after their touts undressed a woman whom they termed indecently dressed. In fact , this directed to the famous slogan My Dress My Choice.
In mid-2019, Embassava touts along Outering road were charged of exacting money from passengers. The Nairobian notified that the touts ‘employ’ crew touts who lie to passengers concerning fare.

The management disclosed that the vice existed and action would be taken.

Forward Travellers

Most are notorious for deafening music, overlapping and overspeeding without the care of other motorists.
In May 2019, Ghetto news conveyed that passengers plying the Kayole routes also charged the touts of extortion.

Pinpoint Sacco

The matatus running along the Kayole route have been formerly accused of extortion by passengers. They argued that touts increase the fare once the matatu is on the motion and any attempt to raise matters is net by violence.

Githurai 45 Travellers Sacco

These buses are rated among the most reckless in the city. From overlaying, picking up passengers in a, over-spending to dirt and thunderous music, these matatus are known to disregard various traffic routes.

Marimba Investment Sacco

One of its matatus crew clobbered a motorist to death in Nairobi. Joseph Kiarie was extinguished after a scuffle occurred when his car collided with a matatu belonging to the Sacco at Kamiti Tuners junction. The crew hit Kiarie and left him fibbing on the road. He was rushed to Neema Hospital where he caved to injuries. As a result, the Sacco’s operations license was suspended.



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