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UAP Insurance Products In Kenya

Get a quick overview of UAP insurance products, including the top 13 personal and 15 business insurance covers.

UAP Old Mutual insurance corporation is one of Kenya’s most respected financial service providers. You need to know about the services and products delivered by UAP.UAP insurance products have been categorized into two broad groups to suit various customers’ requirements. The products are;

  1. Personal Insurance

  2. Business Insurance

1. Personal Insurance Cover By UAP

UAP personal insurance cover includes:

             1. Health Insurance

  • Caters for medical bills of members & their dependents Under several affordable medical plans, including; Afya Imara
  • Afya Imara County
  • Afya Imara Seniors
  • Gertrude Junior
  • Afya Imara Junior
  • Afya Imara Executive

Critical Illness Cover It caters to medically dreaded diseases such as cancer, Open Heart Surgery, Parkinsonism, Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neuron Disease, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Kidney Failure, Organ Transplant, Aortic Surgery, and many others.

           2. Education Savings

Education savings provides a platform for parents and guardians to secure their children’s future education through Education Insurance & Saving Plans. The system has two education plans:

  • Elimika Education Plan- Allows parent /guardian to invest as little as 2,500 for up to 21 years.
  • Premier Education Plan- Allows parents/guardians to invest a minimum of Ksh.7,000 while giving you access to emergency funds.

            3. Golfers Insurance

Protects golfers against accidents on the golf course or within the club premises. The policy also protects you from the aftermath of excellent luck, such as a hole-in-one. The insurer covers:

  • Personal accidents
  • Hole-in-one expenses
  • Loss of or damage to golfing equipment
  • Liability to the public
  • Theft of equipment

            4. Investment Solutions

Investment Solution Services provides members with an Effective and affordable plan to invest and save their funds to increase financial stability.

             5. Life Insurance

  • Provides a suitable member life-saving program that gives them financial refuge in times of hardship and offers stability in their lifestyle, even in case of their death. Life cover can include; Term Cover.
  • Accidental Death cover
  • Jamie Funeral Plan
  • Rafiki Halisi Plan
  • Whole Life

           7. Motor Private Cover

Car Insurance caters to private motor vehicles against accident, theft, fire, repair, and replacement. It also covers third-party legal liability on bodily injury, death, and damages due to accidents.

          8. Personal Accident Cover

Provides a Comprehensive personal Accident Cover that caters for injuries, disabilities, and death due to accidents and covers children between 3 years -18 years.

         9. Retirement Plan

Personal Pension Plan provides members with a cover plan that helps them accumulate a reasonable sum of money during their working years to support them manage their past years without financial stress.

        10. Disability Income Cover

The covers protect members against loss of income due to accidental physical harm, to them adjust to their normal lifestyle in case the accident impacts disability or impairment.

         11. Travel Insurance

Covers members who travel outside the country for either leisure or business purposes. The cover protects them from unforeseen circumstances and emergencies.

         12. Home Insurance

Covers private homeowners from losses, damages, fire burglary, falling objects, and other damages. Domestic workers are also protected from bodily injuries and illnesses

            13. Savings Solutions

Provides members with efficient saving plans that help them grow to financial stability. The plans include;

  • Hakika Savings Plan
  • Max Investment
  • Rafiki Halisi Saving Investment
  • Premier Saving Plan

2. Business Insurance Cover By UAP

Business insurance cover is one of the popular UAP products. The UAP products are many, but a brief overview of commonly purchased products is here.

        1.Agricultural Insurance

UAP Insurance provides business members with affordable Agricultural Insurance cover that protects them from unfortunate outcomes of livestock rearing and crop farming.

         2. Group Credit

UAP Insurance, through Group Credit Insurance solution, offers members a financial solution that covers them if their debtors cannot finish paying their debts due to; sudden demise, accidental disabilities, suffering a critical illness, and losses income retrenchment.

         3. Trade Credit

Covers non-payment of business-to-business trade-related debts. The cover protects business individuals countrywide against unforeseen failure of non-payment by one or more of your customers for domestic and export transactions.

        4. Group Life Assurance

Covers for the employees’ Welfare and their dependents. The Welfare includes when employees die or disability and are eliminated from the Welfare at retirement or resignation.

          5. Specialty Insurance

The policy provides members with customized solutions delivered by specialist teams with a deep understanding of the business environment. The insurance work with a mid-sized, large specialty, and complex risks. The groups of specialists include;

  • Clinic Trials
  • Event Cancellation
  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • Bonds and Guarantees
  • Prize Indemnity Insurance
  • Oil & gas Projects
  • Engineering Mega Risks

           6. Corporate Health Insurance

UAP insurance corporate health covers members in large organizations and SMEs. It is a flexible covert that protects a business with more than ten members covering their medical treatment and care.

             7. Small-Sized Enterprises 

SME Solution caters to medical expenses incurred by the insured members and their dependents for either Inpatient or Outpatient cases. It protects businesses with less than ten members.

             8. Industrial All Risk Insurance

Covers plants against unforeseen dander that may hinder growth. The cover is designed to protect your business against all risks that may affect the entity’s operations.

            9. Business and Institution

Covers Medium Sized-Business Entities, Churches, Schools, and offices. The policy caters to the business premises, staff, students, documents, buildings, including residential houses, Property, and other assets. They are covered by theft, fire, burglary, and other forms of destruction.

            10. Marine Insurance

Covers Marine Cargo against losses, damages to goods or merchandise in transit by sea, road, air, or rail.

           11. Political Violence & Terrorism Insurance

Covers investments and businesses from physical loss and damage due to politically motivated incidents. The policy covers risks caused by;

  • Terrorism
  • Insurrection
  • Property damage
  • Sabotage
  • Mutiny
  • Business interruption
  • Rebellion
  • Coup d’état

          12. Umbrella Scheme Insurance

Covers for the employees’ Welfare for all kinds of businesses, small and big.

        13. Motor Commercial

UAP Insurance under Motor Vehicle & Fleet Insurance covers a different motor vehicle type for commercial use only against theft and accidents.

         14. Work Injury

The product protects human capital from accidents while at their line of work against disability or untimely death. The product is provided under two central legal operating bodies such as;

  • Work Injury Benefits Act (WIBA)- protects domestic workers against accidental injuries that can, disability or death at their place of work. 
  • Group Personal Accident- Protects employees against accidental disabilities, death, or body injuries at their line of duty.

          15. Investment Products

UAP Investment provides a sound investment plan to their members effectively through Investment Solution & Services. In addition, the policy offers a product Old Mutual Trust where they can grow their money and realize their goals.



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