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Vera Sidika Biography-Age, Real Name, Career, Boyfriends, And Net Worth

Real Name Vera Sidika Mung’asia
Age 33 yrs
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level University
Place of Birth Mombasa
Birth Sign Virgo
Year of Birth 1989
Religion  Christian
Spouse  N/A
Children  N/A
Profession/Career Celebraty
Net Worth kshs. 3.5 million

Vera Sidika Real Name

After bloggers and other influencers fast ran away with rumors concerning her real name, the curvy lass quickly came forward to say that her title is not Veronika Shikuku Shikwekwe. This came in after social media users referred to her as Shikwekwe or simply Shikweks. She then vacated the air by telling her fans that she uses her real name on social media, Vera Sidika.

Vera Sidika Age, Birthday, Birthplace, Family, Tribe, Nationality

Vera was born on the 30th of September 1989 in Mombasa town, Kenya. She is the firstborn kid and the only girl in a family of 3, indicating that she has two younger brothers. The thick lass spent a nice part of her life in Mombasa, demonstrating her enviable command of the Swahili language. In addition, the extrovert can throw down good as depicted by her cooking videos, particularly the pilau recipe she posted on her most followed YouTube channel some time back. The lassie is currently 30 years old and will turn 33 yrs old in 2022.

Vera Sidika Education Background

Claims have it that the lass moved to Nairobi’s Kenyatta University, where she followed a Degree course in Interior Design. Nevertheless, she failed to complete her studies since celebrity and money came in. However, she recently stated that plans are underway to go back to school and earn that degree.

Vera Sidika Socialite

The well-endowed high-maintenance girl had her rise to fame in 2012 after she got an opportunity to become a video vixen in P-Unit’s single dubbed You Guy. In the video, she acted all sexy, showing us all the juice that her mama gave her. She then brought fame to her social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She created it a habit to post raunchy pictures of her inexpensive hotels, beaches, and cities. In addition, she would post twerking videos & naked photos, which caused more and more people, both men & women, to follow her so as not to miss an update.

The photos she takes also increase in quality, making more people follow her. The strange bit is that she never posted her boyfriend and kept people speculating on whether or not someone was warming her bed. This made some of her supporters guess that the lady was doing high-class sex trafficking. She denied the claims & stated that she is an autonomous woman with class.

Her social media existence and celebrity status have enabled her to work as an emcee and event host in spent events. She has also made club appearances where she would be expended just to show up in a club or an occasion. The mass would then go mad attempting to catch a glimpse of her or, more sinister, off trying to get a selfie or pictures with her since everyone else in attendance would be laboring for that.

Vera Sidika Nairobi Diaries

Shikwekwe became a TV character by being a cast of the apparent Kenyan Reality Show understood as Nairobi Diaries. In the program, she used to cross paths with other cast components, such as Pendo, which shortened the period of her visit to the show. At that time, the ever-twerking lady was dating singer Otile Brown, but the two broke up long ago.

Vera Sidika Skin Bleaching

If you understand Vera Sidika, you know that she lightened her skin long before celebrity kicked in real good. The good thing is that, unlike several public figures and celebrities, she does not deny the fact that she had her skin lightened. But furthermore, how do you even lie to people who have screenshots and videos demonstrating your true colors from your past? You stand no chance. Nevertheless, she says that she had her skin lightening process done in the United Kingdom, where she left with a whooping ksh.15 million. When questioned why she spent such a considerable sum of money for something as short-termed as attractiveness, the lass responded by stating that her body and image are her business and money machine.

In 2019, she dropped a song anointed Mimi after chasing clout by posting photos where she glanced darker as she tried to fool her lovers that she had reversed her skin lightening process. Social media users then found out that she was fibbing to them after they realized that she has sprayed on a tan for clout, which was suggested to make more people watch and listen to her then-new song.

Vera Sidika Otile Brown

If you are an avid wanderer of the streets of Social Media yet you have never come across the term Kaotile, then you are resting on the tea served hot. The two even shot a tune video together where Vera was the video vixen & Otile the singer. After dating for several months in 2018, heating each other’s bed in what they described as the perfect relationship, Bad Man Shivo & Vera finally broke up. I am using the term “finally” because numerous people waited for it.

They broke up in an immature manner where they exposed each other’s screenshots with Vera screaming Otile broke after she denied lending him kshs. 500,000. In addition, a bitter Vera ventilated Kaotile’s dirty laundry in public by stating that the lad has very tiny manhood, which could not benefit her like the huge ones she was exploited to, especially after dating Nigerian men. This birthed the term kaotile, which implies tiny manhood. Otile moved on to her Ethiopian bae, known as Nabayet (Nabbi), and he even dropped a hit song under her name.

Vera Sidika Jimmy Chansa

After a painful and messy breakup with Otile, Vera moved on and found a new love. The new bae was a stunning Tanzanian doctor by profession lad who goes by Jimmy Chansa. When asked, Vera stated that her new man’s manhood is big enough to satisfy her, so she is very happy since she will no longer require sex toys since her new man does an excellent job. However, it seems like the pair parted ways more quickly than expected since Vera no longer posts or speaks about him.

Vera Sidika Song

Vera is a musician. She let us in on this newfound talent by posting 2 of her music videos on her YouTube channel. The songs are Nalia & Mimi.

A while ago, Jegede, a Kenyan musician who has had a crush on Vera for a long time now, plunged a song purely dedicated to the one and only Shikweks. The video was titled Vera Sidika. In expansion, Jegede has again asked Vera’s hand in matrimony, which she denied.

Vera Sidika Business

Vera is the current CEO of Vera Sidika Beauty Parlor (VSBP), found in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya. She has a slimming tea company mostly known as Veetox Herbal Detox in expansion.

Vera Sidika House and Cars

The round-passed cutie lives in an expensive mansion in the affluent estate of Kitsuru, Nairobi. She also holds land in the coastal region of Kenya. The lady drives a Range Rover, which costs millions of cash.

Vera Sidika Net worth

As of the year 2020, the extrovert is worth about kshs. 3.5 million. She has heavily invested in her companies, such as her beauty parlor and slimming tea businesses. In spare, she is a brand on herself which means she is paid to mention, tag, or chat about products and make appearances in clubs and occasions. She is currently the wealthiest socialite in Kenya.



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