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VIP Volume Club: Inside Mike Sonko’s Multi-Million Night Club With Bulletproof Floor

One-time Nairobi City governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, has financed in a multi-million nightclub that can best be defined as avant-garde. Although the club is someday to be officially launched, many parties held over the holidays have given Kenyans a flavor of Dubai luxury clubs right at home.

Location and Similar Sonko Investments

The club is found in Shanzu, Mombasa County. According to their Facebook page, the recreation joint is described as the “best membership club in Eastern & Western Africa.” This club enters a long list of Sonko’s similar assets. The multi-millionaire also possesses the Sonko Family Resort, Buru Buru-situated Casuarina Bar & Restaurant, Kimerameta Safari Lodge at the height of Golini Hill, Kwale county, & Kilifi-situated Salama Maridadi Beach Hotel. None, nonetheless, has attained the, directly, gold standards of the VIP Volume Club.

Club Interior Design and Spaces

The club has a 15,000-people capacity and a soundproof VIP boardroom for enterprise deals to be made at the club. The club is developed with awareness paid to the smallest of details. For example, the walls are Versace-themed, finished with gold-coated lion sculptures that speak power and class. Moreover, the lighting work committed to the facility is outstandingly well done, flashing a combination of LED lights.

In a strategic transaction effort in the club, there is a place designed to take photos and selfies for Instagram & social media platforms. The pristine white leather sofas are also a great spot for seizing photos at the club.
The dance floor is another stunning piece of work in the VIP Volume Club. According to Sonko, the bulletproof base is designed with improved architectural technology that will provide dancers an off-the-ground feel. He says, “It has been completed in such a way that it will be presenting off a feelings like you are in a lift. There will be little movement up and down because it has been completed with a new technology that has never been used earlier.”

The club bathrooms also have impressively gold-coated toilet cores and complimentary gold piece on the walls. Most of the ornaments have drawn motivation from his flamboyant Machakos-situated Mua Hills Home. Sonko indicated that most of the decor objects used in the club were mostly imported and cost him millions. The VIP Volume Club is yet set to host over 150 vehicles on the exterior, all wrapped with security surveillance about the clock.

Celebrity-Lined Club Parties

Sonko hosted a New Year’s Eve bash at the club that saw Tanasha Donna, Vera Sidika, her Tanzanian musician husband Brown Mauzo, & their daughter Asia grace the event. Tanasha Donna whop also went on to have a short concert lighting up the audience that had the day to seize selfies with the renowned Mike Mbuvi Sonko. Vera Sidika & her husband even shared a romantic point on the dance floor with fans glimpsing on and shouting in excitement.
Conveying the party highlights on her social media, Vera had this to say concerning the club; “This is more than a club, it is a coliseum. Partying in the VIP Club Volume is like debauching in Dubai” The club revelers at the VIP Volume Club were broken for drink choices as Sonko said that the club operates more than 1,947 liquor varieties, most of which he counted, were imported.

On 2nd January 2022, the club also hosted another party that made headlines on social media platforms. In attendance were Dj Creme de la Creme & Eric Omondi, declared Africa’s king of comedy. The club’s official launch can only be hoped to round up even more prominent names from around the country beyond African boundaries.

Grammy-Award Winning Boyz II Men

Sonko is yet set to host Boyz II Men (B2M) at the VIP Volume club behind their tour of Uganda. The trio comprehended world-over for their acapella harmonies & emotional ballads comprise Wanya Morris, Nathan Morris, & Shawn Stockman. The company has won four Grammy Awards since its inception. This will indubitably draw thousands of attendees as a routine might be staged at the club.

Public Reviews

One Charles Nzaro conveyed his review on the VIP Volume Club on Facebook, stating, “This place is so awesome. Enough light, freedom with fresh air. Waiters, bartenders are so considerate, hope they get to hold that. Cleanness of the washrooms, & good sound. Recreation in 001 is definitely going on a top-level, Volume VIP Club has now set the pace ”



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