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Web Design in Kenya Complete Guide (2022)

If you’re examining to set up a website in Kenya, this directory is for you.

I know putting up a website can be confusing and costly. That’s why I created this directory to help business people comprehend what it takes to get a website in Kenya. I cover the prices, requirements, and anything else that might come up when making your site.

You don’t harbor time or money to waste on something that doesn’t work out straight away. This manual will ensure you’re not tiring either of those resources by offering you everything about obtaining your website in Kenya!

To get begun right away.

Web Design in Kenya Overview

If you run a company and don’t have a website, it’s time to believe about getting one. If you’re not sure what I’m speaking about, Kenyans will soon do everything online, and you don’t like to be left out. The Internet is consistently becoming the future of companies in Kenya; therefore, it’s time to get

A website is no lengthy just a URL on the Internet in Kenya. But, it is more than that in Kenya today. It’s a tool where you may market your items, interact with clients, and so much more. Therefore, obtaining a website in Kenya is critical for both your business and its success.

Why choose a genuine professional designer for your website?

Last year I established a website, and I did it all by myself. Of course, nothing went as scheduled, and I ended up frittering my time and money pushing to fix the mistakes I made. It wasn’t until this year that I found a professional website in Kenya for my firm.

Individual Freelancers are a great and adaptable choice because they will provide you with their full time. For instance, you may select a business to develop your website rather than a person if you’re in a business. On the other hand, individual freelancers are great and flexible, and they’ll give you their full attention.

The bulk of websites in Kenya are already pre-designed utilizing templates and themes. Templates make their job faster and easier. You also get higher quality, but the issue arises when the developer does not modify it, resulting in a site similar to others.

If you want to make your website from the ground up, be ready to pay more, but make sure you select a professional developer.

According to Communication Authority of Kenya, as of mid-June 2017, there were 43,329,434 Internet operators in Kenya. These figures represent 89.4 % of the population. The number is rising &will likely continue to rise in the future.

Web Design Requirements

To get your website created, you need to include the following resources. If you do not have them, talk to your web developer, and they can guide you.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Web hosting account
  3. Company Profile
  4. Brandable assets (Logo, company color, pictures of products, or office) can be in the business profile.
  5. It would be best if you delivered an overview of what you like from the designer.
  6. Money.

Website Design Charges in Kenya?

In Kenya, how much does each website cost? This one is a challenging question to answer. We spoke with rare web developers in Nairobi to find out. Most of them stated it was based on many variables.

These are only some of the items that affect the price of a website in Kenya:

  • Category of Industry
  • Several pages on the site.
  • Duration of the project This hugely relies on the type of website.
  • Type of client When we spoke with several designers, most of them told us that they charge clients differently based on their category. For instance, an individual customer’s cost is not the same as a company or a corporate.

To give a specific charge would not be correct, and I may get in trouble if I do so. But, to recap, the cost of web design in Kenya varies from KES 20 000 to over 1 million Kenyan Shillings.

A small company portfolio website should not cost more than Ksh 75,000.

How to Create a Website in Kenya

There is a direct process to be followed if you want to make a successful website in Kenya. Here’s my step-by-step manual to building a successful business website:

Step 1 Determine the goal of your website.

The first step is to define the purpose of your website. The cause you want to launch a website will influence how it looks, what content you deliver, who revises this material, and how it is updated over time.

Some everyday purposes of websites include:

  • To share knowledge or news (media portal)
  • To sell items (ionline store)
  • To give a professional image of a company (i.e., business website)

Before searching for a web developer in Kenya, you should list everything you want your website to achieve. Consider the following questions while constracting your website’s objective clear:

  • What knowledge do I want to share?
  • Am I marketing anything online?
  • Will I be editing the websites with information?
  • How will I use the website?
  • Do I desire to make money from the website?

With these queries answered, you will understand what type of website you want. The following are some of the famous brands of sites available.

  1. Static website  A stagnant website is a non-editable brochure website. These kinds of sites are no longer required in the new information age.
  2. Editable brochure websites  These websites can edit content. They have a Content Management System, creating them dynamic and easy to manage.
  3. eCommerce Websites They have payment software where you can market products online. An illustration of a payment software is PayPal Kenya.
  4. Blogs – Used to develop content and articles.
  5. Progressive Web Application – These are complicated types of websites with more going on. For instance, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The most widespread method for creating a website is with a CMS (Content Management System). However, you may develop all sorts of websites in this site area.

WordPress is a famous CMS; it’s used on 31% of the Internet, from private blogs to major news website. So go with WordPress for your nicewebsite scheme.

Step 2 Decide your Domain Name.

Next, you will require a domain name. Your website’s occupation name is the following part of your URL:


If you already have a company name idea, search to see if it’s available as a .com domain foremost. If you don’t find it there, attempt GoDaddy.com, Namecheap.com, and other domain name clerks to see if it’s open as a .co or .net domain.

If you haven’t settled on your business name yet – like many entrepreneurs and web developers in Kenya, don’t fret: You can always change your company name later on down the road.

Choosing a domain tittle should be the most specific task in running a company. Utilize your company tittle. If your company name is long, see if you may shorten it.

Kenyans’ main issue is documenting a domain under the country’s top-level domain, .co.ke, or the international common domain extension, .com. Both are amazing and will provide you with everything you need.

The is an anomaly. If you want to target individuals worldwide, a .com domain would be perfect. A .co.ke is a right choice if you have a physical location & operate a company.

The cost of a domain in Kenya is charged at KES 1000 per year, although some registrars may set 500 shillings.

Step 3 Choose a Web Host Kenya

You must choose where you host your site when you have your domain name. A hosting company is a assistance that provides storage space on their servers so that when individual types in your web address or click on a link, it can be provided to them.

Choosing a web hosting business based in another country or your own country is personal. Nevertheless, go for a host with a good reputation and confirm they have an excellent support policy to assist you.

Step 4 Identify a Web Design Company

Many web layout companies in Kenya want one that will endure time to understand your needs and your business. Choose a firm that will walk with you via the development phase and even after establishing your website.

Go to Google and explore for website design companies. Please choose the first five and send them the identical email. Look at how they will reply to your email. This will tell you if they are nice or timewasters.

Also, it is perfect to go through their website & look at how it is designed. A web design business with a poorly built website should not be in the web design business.

Make sure you have a well-written agreement with your web designer. Ask them to mail you one (a red flag if they cannot send you one). Since most web designers will defend themselves, would you please go through the contract?

Always work with crossroads or use down payments, don’t pay the total amount unless you are pleased with the work.

Most significantly, try to arrange a session by visiting the company office and restricting the office setup.

Step 5 Know the tools used.

Even if you don’t comprehend, make sure to ask how they will create your website and what technologies will be utilized.

WordPress is one of the most known tools used to build websites worldwide. This is because it is comfortable for anyone to handle the site and update it. When getting a developer, ask them if they use WordPress. Make sure they utilize a premium theme or develop a trade one for you if they do.

Step 6: Test & publish your website

You must get the URL from your designer and test your site. Pass along the link to friends and workers to check the website.

When sampling the website, look out for the following:

  1. Look and feel it should be appealing to the eye. The layout should be classy and clear for someone to get around.
  2. Check on your phone; it should look attractive on mobile, and all the details should be visible.
  3. Check loading pace, according to Google; a good website should load in under 3 seconds. However, it is ok if it loads for 7 seconds or less. Anything more than that suggests a problem, and you should inform your web designer.
  4. Check on the appearance and content used. Don’t use wazungu pictures and ask where the developer got their photographs. Check spelling and grammar also.

 Step 7: Market on social media or search engines

A website does not earn you money; selling the site will make you money. So owning a website without transferring on social media is like the proverbial “winking to a girl in the dark.”

Ensure you develop a strategy to sell the website in the first few months after building.

 Step 8: Update & maintain your website

If you take adequate care of your site, it will return and give you a good investment return. Make sure your web designer has a proper maintenance and update program for you.

Web Development Companies in Kenya

Here is a checklist of the top web design businesses in Kenya. We have checked the assessments online, and they are legit.

          1. Nabaleka Digital Solutions

We have first-hand knowledge working with this company and are the best. Nabaleka is a greatest Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency in Kenya. They concentrate on Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, &general Digital Strategy.

          2. Kenya Web Designers

This company has more than 8years of experience building and designing websites in Kenya. They serve corporates, SMEs as well as people. The company also delivers web hosting services.

          3. Peak and Dale

This is one of the top web layout companies in Kenya and serves many clients. Peak and Dale also present domain name registration services, web design, & web hosting.

          4. Kenya Web Experts

As the name states, these are experts in the Web enterprise. They are known for domain enrollment services. Kenya web experts deliver the best web hosting services in Kenya.

         5. Conquest Capital

This creative mechanism is based in Kilimani Nairobi; it delivers web design, graphics design, & digital marketing.

I expect the above information regarding Web Design in Kenya will allow you get your website online in no time. If you have any queries regarding web innovation in Kenya, feel free to leave a remark below.



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