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Where to Find a Quick Loans in Kenya in 2022

If you are looking for fast loans in Kenya, the following 10 sites should be your first stop. Thanks to technology development, these days, you don’t have to go via the long process of getting a loan from the traditional lenders such as the banks.

These days fast loans are available via mobile loan apps in Kenya. All that you are needed to do is take your mobile phone with the internet and access some of these fast loans in Kenya.

List of Quick Loans in Kenya

Here is a list of sites where quick loans in Kenya are available:

Bank loan Apps

When mobile loans from unregulated lenders evolved popularly, Kenyan banks had to innovate and reached up with mobile loan apps. These apps from banks allowed Kenyans to access bank services and quick loans in Kenya.
Here are some of the famous bank loan apps where you can access a loan fast.
Pesapap loan app
Vooma Loan
Timiza loan app
MCo-op Cash app
HF Whizz App
Eazzy Banking App

Other Non-App assistance from Kenyan banks that present loans include:

KCB Mpesa
Fuliza Mpesa

That is a massive list of banks that the central bank of Kenya handles. Most of these loans are short-term fast loans and have a repayment period of one month. Nevertheless, the loans can be extended up to 3 years, relying on the loan amount borrowed.

Traditional loan apps

Another site where you can get quick loans in Kenya is via mobile loan apps. I call them traditional mobile loan apps since this is their core business. They don’t run banks or a physical headquarters like banks.
They offer loans via a quick and easy process. These fast loans in Kenya will provide loans with instantly to your MPesa and have a repayment duration of one month or less after you borrow the loan.
Loan apps in Kenya include:
Tala loan app
Okash loan app
iPesa loan app
Branch Loan App
Zenka loan



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