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Willis Raburu, Biography, Education, Citizen TV, Engagement, Birthday, Wedding, Job history, Life History, Net worth, Contacts

Real Name Willis Raburu
Age 39  (As of 2022)
Nationality  Kenyan
Education Level Graduate
Place of Birth Kisumu County
Birth Sign Leo
Year of Birth 1987
Religion  Christian
Spouse  Caroline Iroka Chamwada
Children  Chelsea, Leon, and Kessey Chamwada
Profession/Career Journalist 
Net Worth $100,000


Willis Raburu was born on 1st April 1987. He is a born Christian born in Kano plans, Nyando District in Kisumu County. He is the 3rd-born and last boy in a household of four.

Willis Raburu is one of Citizen TV’s fast-growing journalists, based in Nairobi, Kenya. A unique and versatile TV journalist, he fetches a weekly segment on Citizen TV anointed “TruthMeter” part of Citizen TV’s weekly new prime time line up of programming.

Willis Raburu Education Background

Willis Raburu went to Aga Khan Primary school in Kisumu City and joined Chemelil Academy High school, a mixed boarding school. Willis revealed that he used to fetch water for other pupils when there were none in the school tanks at a payment.

Willis entered Moi University, where he studied Bachelor of Information Science Media. A dynamic journalist. His dad wanted him to do IT, but Willis had a love for Media, so he lied to his dad that he was studying IT only to uncover that he chose the Media alternative during his graduation in 2010.

Willis Raburu Job History

Willis Raburu entered K24 as an intern while in his third year at Moi University. After graduation, he was employed by citizen TV in October 2010, when he was 24 years. He has performed there till now.

“When I was 24 & I got hired by Citizen Television directly out of campus – that was a very important point in my life. Many did not believe that one could get employed at a respected organization without having ‘key’ connections. The job arrived at a time when other local TV stations had turned me down – they implied to me I did not have the correct type of voice for broadcast,” he stated.
Since entering Citizen TV, he has won several awards, i.e.;
Maji Award-The award was for a three-part series dubbed” DEADLY WATERS.”
Children’s Rights Award- For a series journey of the resilience of kids from Rwanda
Road Safety Award- For the Series Killer Drivers

Willis Raburu Passion

Willis has a devotion to helping people. “My biggest regret is not helping enough people, which is very hard. That describes why I am looking for a lot of money,” Raburu states. He says that he feels this guilt at his heart more when he returns home.

“There are things I go home & wish I could do. I did not help as considerable people in history, and it is something that I have felt over, and I am ready to pursue. I have discovered from the past and moved on.” Willis shares.

Willis Raburu, born in a wealthy family, says that he never wanted to be associated with the Raburu name since he did not like to get favors or anything freely but to have his own identity.

Willis Raburu Parents, Family

Willis Raburu’s father is the retired famous Provincial Commissioner Peter Raburu. He is currently a pastor in Kisumu County.

Willis is the third-born of four kids (2 boys and two girls). He is the last-born son.

Willis Raburu Girlfriend Sally Mbilu

Willis Raburu made headlines back in mid-2014 when he went down on one knee in a fairy-tale-like fashioned submission at the very place in which he had his first date with lover Sally Mbilu.

“It was at a cascade, where we had our first date. She was deeply shocked and had mixed responses, but I was very convinced that she would say yes,” Willis gave an accurate description of the magical moment.

But as life would turn out to be, Willis Raburu divorced his girlfriend of two years, Sally Mbilu. Sources stated the two decided to end their marriage after Willis found that Sally was older than him by five years. Sally blamed Willis for not controlling his weight despite being told, by even experts, the hazards of being overweight.

Others say that Sally departed Willis after catching him red-handed in bed with another lady. But the facts in this latter allegation leave numerous questions unanswered since it occurred in 2016 and the actual separation occurred in late 2015.

Willis and Sally are both workers of Royal Media Services, but colleagues say the two don’t speak to each other anymore. More surprising is that Sally pulled the Ksh. 100,000 ring that Willis purchased for her and left it on his desk. In late 2015, It is said that the two exchanged bitter words, which provoked the management to cool matters by assigning them duties that they could not encounter at any point.

Willis Raburu Contacts

Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/willisraburu/

Twitter- https://twitter.com/WillisRaburu

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/WillisRaburuKenya

LinkedIn- http://ke.linkedin.com/pub/willis-raburu/76/123/761

Email: [email protected]



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